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Username: Олесь

Country: Russian Federation

Region: Саратовская область

Town: Marx

About me:
My mother was killed by doctors in the Marxist Central District Hospital of the Saratov Region. False and falsified examinations were made that relieved the killer doctors of responsibility. Investigators violated all the laws of Russia in the style of gangster 90s during the investigation of the murder. The investigators themselves falsified the data in the examinations. Exempted from criminal liability the doctor who made the ILLEGAL honey. a procedure with huge and deadly violations. Doctors and experts have created organized crime groups to otmazyvany crime, but GOD and I will fight to the end.

My mother died of blood loss in the Marksovskaya hospital in the Saratov region. Or rather, she was killed on purpose. While in this hospital, everything was done to kill my mother as soon as possible. Mom died after 2 days of torture in the Markso...
10.09.2020 г.

Don't be surprised by this headline. I accuse the doctors of the city of Marx, Saratov region, for the premeditated murder of my mother under Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. But I also accuse my mother of torturing her b...
07.09.2020 г.

My mother died, or rather she was killed in the Marksovskaya hospital in the Saratov region. You can read my evidence of an unpunished murder. In this article, I will give one more proof based on a direct decree of the Ministry of Health of the Russ...
21.08.2020 г.

Here are the data from my mother's examination when she entered the Marx Central Regional Hospital. According to these data, at admission, almost all the norm - that is, at admission, no pathologies were detected, except for bleeding . (I am not ...
06.08.2020 г.

My mother was killed by doctors. According to the decree of the Russian government, the harm caused to her by the actions of doctors is regarded as grave. That is, this is a criminal prosecution. But the investigators of the Saratov Investigative Co...
31.07.2020 г.

According to my statements, interviews with medical experts were carried out. I will not lay out all the inconsistencies and lies of experts (it becomes even disgusting to read the false arguments of doctors of sciences and professors from medicine. ...
31.07.2020 г.

When my mother entered the Markov Central District Hospital, diabetes was first diagnosed (possibly due to the stress of blood loss or other factors). And this fatal condition was treated by the doctors of the intensive care unit in exactly the oppo...
31.07.2020 г.

I can not publish this article, read in the group "In Orthodoxy". Please read, there are only a few dozen lines. A conversation of two babies in the mother’s stomach: "- Do you believe in life after childbirth? - Yes, of course. Ever...
30.06.2020 г.