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Username: Иван Иванов

Country: Russian Federation

Region: Магаданская область

Town: Magadan

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About me:
I'm from a harsh region, where frosts are more than -50 degrees.

In the Krasnoyarsk narcological clinic "Clean City", located at the address of Krasnoyarsk, Prospect Mira, 115a, it happened at about half past five local time, in which 4 people died. When viewing video surveillance cameras, it was found ...
17.09.2020 г.

Alisa Tepikina, 22, has died. The birth itself went well with her, she gave birth to a daughter. But Alice fell into a coma after the doctor twisted her uterus and started bleeding. The woman could not be saved. As the mother of Alisa Svetdana said ...
10.09.2020 г.

Died Honored Artist of Russia, employee of the Saratov Regional Operetta Theater Anatoly Gorevoy. Relatives and his daughter Maria Gorevaya blame doctors for the death of her dad. According to Maria, dad got sick on 12 August. He called an ambulanc...
29.08.2020 г.

In the Trans-Baikal Territory, a court ordered the Kyrinsk central district hospital to pay more than 1 million rubles for the death of a woman who died two hours after the birth of her daughter. The case was handled by lawyer Anastasia Kopteeva, wh...
26.08.2020 г.

In Chita, monetary compensation was paid to parents who lost a child due to an improper delivery. In the spring of 2017, Olesya Borodina entered the Trans-Baikal Regional Perinatal Center. The pregnancy went well, but the woman was at high risk due ...
26.08.2020 г.

In the city of Kartaly, Chelyabinsk Region, the circumstances of the death of the Kamakshins, who died after two weeks of illness, are being investigated for symptoms similar to COVID-19. According to relatives, the married couple could not get from ...
25.08.2020 г.

I am publishing a post by Roman Alekhine about a strange case of indifference and deadly indifference to human life. "On August 3, a 33-year-old boy Sergei was admitted to the Sudzhanskaya Central Regional Hospital with burns of 70% of his body...
15.08.2020 г.

Another grief in the city !!! Incompetent doctors killed a young girl by their actions !!!! Help to achieve justice !!! The deputy of the Kursk city council Maxim Vasiliev reported on his page about the death of a 20-year-old girl in the hospital. ...
15.08.2020 г.

False plastic surgeon Alena Verdi died in a hospital in Krasnodar. Since March of this year, she has been under house arrest. In early June, the court was to hold a meeting on her case, but he was postponed due to the fact that Verdi was taken to int...
15.06.2020 г.

At the end of May, a local resident brought her son, 43-year-old veteran of the first Chechen war, Konstantin Krasikov, to the Novomoskovsk city hospital in the Tula region. Recently, a man underwent heart surgery, but after discharge at home he felt...
06.06.2020 г.

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08.06.2020 г.

"We are fighting for other children to live," said the child's father.
20.08.2020 г.

Eyewitnesses report that an ambulance stood by the garages and left. Then from there were prayers for help. In the bushes lay a man with a bandaged leg in blood and said that he was very ill. In clean, home clothes. He w...
01.07.2020 г.

The negligence of Marxian doctors led to the death of a 7-year-old boy. He was taken by ambulance for other calls for more than 3 hours; since his arrival in the Central Bank he lived for 3 hours. The doctors could not e...
22.05.2020 г.