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In our long-suffering country, more and more medical errors are becoming, which lead to serious consequences for human health and also lead to deaths. And for the most part, no one bears any responsibility for these mistakes. Our site was created in order to tell about these facts. We are the team of the portal (MedicFatal) will do our best to reveal these facts. Everyone can create their own account and add their own records, photos and videos. if you have any questions, you can write in feedback or call tel. 8-925-083-03-38

Olesya Stremkovskaya, a poetess from the city of Kirishi, Leningrad Region, contacted our editorial office and told how the doctors launched her oncology. The article consists of messages of correspondence. These messages are in the first person. Rea...
08.02.2021 г.

Reply of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Leningrad Region S.S. Shabanova
Raspberries, The aroma is alluring And love recognition The gaze of the eyes is burning !!! ..... Dear friends. Look at the response of the Commission...
08.02.2021 г.

After the publication of the story of Irina Yerkina on our website, " Impunity breeds irresponsibility and crime ." We have investigated and found a lot of similar cases. We lay out several cases in this article. In our country, any operati...
08.02.2021 г.

Colleagues write health news non-stop. More like crime reports. Records from Alexander Saversky. The chief physician of the Volzhsky City Children's Hospital of the Volgograd Region, Evgeny Dergachev, is suspected of large-scale fraud. He employ...
08.02.2021 г.