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Username: Ирина

Country: Russian Federation

Region: Тамбовская область

Town: Tambov

My daughter died in the hospital, allegedly of sepsis. I believe that she died from severe bleeding, which occurred due to an error during the operation to remove the tonsils. When removing, the doctor touched large vessels. The operation lasted more...
01.02.2021 г.

Doctors and experts allegedly do not know about the cause of the bleeding
My daughter died on July 20, 2018, as doctors say, from sepsis, which developed with lightning speed and allegedly became the cause of death. But I th...
01.02.2021 г.

When appointing a forensic medical examination at the Bureau of the FMS, we hope to receive an objective, substantiated and honest opinion of independent experts. The reality, unfortunately, is different .... If you look at the order of the Ministry ...
27.01.2021 г.

The experts did not substantiate their expertise. So why does the investigation consider them legal and, on their basis, terminate the criminal case?
When conducting medical examinations on the death of my daughter, the experts gave two-sided conclusions. In different questions on the same facts the...
28.01.2021 г.

Two and a half years ago, my life was divided into "BEFORE" and "AFTER" ... "Before" is a happy life filled with light, and "After" ... Many people ask me how the case ended, but it ended with the termination o...
25.01.2021 г.