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Username: Антипова Мария

Country: Russian Federation

Region: Саратовская область

Town: Saratov

About me:
Hello. My name is Maria. I am very worried about my hometown and the Volga region. Every day I face the problems of ordinary people and try to help them according to the debt of my work. Lately, people are getting harder and harder. On this site, I will publish the facts of medical errors that hooked me with their cruelty, obvious non-professionalism, or even direct intent. Doctors have been given a duty (in the best sense of the word) to save human lives, which they began to perform very poorly. If someone does not like my articles, you can email me. mail mari1981@mail.ru.

Hello dear readers. On 10/18/2020, I added a video in which a woman came to visit her mother in the hospital and a deceased person lay covered with a blanket among living patients in the ward. The patients in the video explained that the woman died a...
18.10.2020 г.

I am Lyudmila Guseva - "We were all spoiled and sterilized. Now we cannot give birth." Several patients of the state Uktussky boarding house for the elderly and disabled in Yekaterinburg at once stated that they were forcibly sterilized, si...
18.10.2020 г.

Muscovite Daria Kosarenko spoke about her stay in the covid hospital. Nothing special about hospital-illness-death !!!! But read about the attitude of doctors towards people. From this story, one can draw a terrifying conclusion - people simply do no...
15.10.2020 г.

Petition by Yulia Lapteva. from change.org about the death of her child. Currently, a criminal case has been opened on the death of the baby. On August 30, 2020, my child Danil Yuryevich Laptev died in the Central City Hospital of Bataysk on June 10,...
14.10.2020 г.

The court of Chita recovered 2 million 300 thousand rubles in favor of the spouses Marina and Afanasy Sudeikins for the death of a child during childbirth in the State Institution "Chernyshevskaya Central Regional Hospital", urban settlemen...
06.10.2020 г.

One cannot remain indifferent. Please read the post of Margarita Krikun. "I Screamer Margarita want to tell how my son was killed in the children's infectious diseases hospital in Krasnodar. Doctors of the children's infectious diseases ...
05.10.2020 г.

Watch this short video. Even in my head it does not fit, how is this possible in a civilized society of the 21st century? They simply killed her feminine principle in a woman.
18.10.2020 г.

Muscovite Daria Kosarenko about her stay in the covid hospital. And about the attitude of doctors to people. From this video, one can draw a terrifying conclusion - no one needs people in hospitals, there is no money - y...
18.10.2020 г.

In the Rostov region, in the hospital of the Rostov region of the Kagalnitsky district, the corpse of a woman lay in the ward next to the patients. The video was filmed on 10/15/2020. In the video, the patients explained...
18.10.2020 г.