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Username: Владимир Чернобай

Telephone: +79889548400

Country: Russian Federation

Region: Краснодарский край

Town: Krasnodar

About me:
Attorney Chernobay Vladimir Vasilyevich (No. 23/2265 in the register of lawyers of the Krasnodar Territory), retired Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, retired police lieutenant colonel: EDUCATION: military medical faculty of the Gorky Medical Institute, specializing in general medicine. Internship and Clinical Residency in Therapy. Defense of a Ph.D. thesis in the specialty "forensic medicine" in the Republican center of forensic medical examination. Dissertation topic: "Comprehensive forensic medical and medico-social research of violent and non-violent death." WORK EXPERIENCE: military medicine, Krasnodar city hospitals, penitentiary medicine, teaching of forensic medicine in law universities; Associate Professor of the Department of Criminal and Legal Discipline of the Academy of Justice, legal advice to medical institutions; advocacy in court proceedings in civil claims and criminal cases; patient counseling. Active participation in the Russian "Association of Medical Law", in the work of the 1st conference (2003), publication of articles in the federal journal "Medical Law". magazine "Health", regional magazine "Doctor and Pharmacy of the XXI century", magazine "Judicial Gazette".

The death of the newborn occurred as a result of a combination of blunt abdominal trauma that led to the formation of an extensive hematoma with ruptures of the liver capsule, as well as a closed fracture of the left femur, which were accompanied by ...
28.09.2020 г.

I want to tell you a case from my law practice that happened back in 2008. Doctor Vladimir Pelipenko, sentenced in the "Sonya Kulivets case" to 11 months in a penal colony, died in a pre-trial detention center in Krasnodar. He opened his ve...
27.09.2020 г.