I believe my wife died through the fault of doctors. Or CITO from the inside.

14.05.2020 Morozz
My name is Alexander. I want to tell you about the tragic incident with my wife - an unsuccessful operation in the CITO with a fatal outcome. It happened 1.5 months ago.

A planned operation for scoliosis was performed. CITO, 14th branch. The attending physician is Makarov Sergey Nikolaevich.

I am not writing to diminish optimism for future patients or to “drop” the rating of doctors. Although specifically these "specialists" in medicine definitely do not belong. Rather, so that people preparing for a serious operation had the most complete information, and they could make an informed decision. In other words, people need to know the truth. Indeed, there is simply no real data on mortality due to medical negligence. The examination before the operation was completed, no contraindications were found. All analyzes accepted and approved. Good thanks in the envelope, as expected. No signs of trouble.

The result of the operation - blood loss of 4 liters (!!!) - practically, fatal, transfusion, and the most serious complication in the lungs. I urgently had to do a second lung operation. She was miraculously saved at that moment. But then followed a slow death in intensive care (about which - a separate article).

To prove that there was a gross mistake by the surgeons is almost impossible. According to their official version, the reason for the adhesion of the lung, which was not visible in the pictures. At the same time, several independent specialized doctors, with whom I consulted on this situation, unanimously claimed that she was bluntly affected by her lung and found blood loss too late - this is how much time it takes to lose 4 liters ...
And according to the further behavior of the “doctors”, it was obvious that this was purely medical negligence, the consequences of which they tried to hide and hush as much as possible.
She was in intensive care in a state of moderate severity. In the early days, we did not have all the information and there was a hope that Julia would get better. I came to her every day. On the first day off, I witnessed a sharp deterioration in the condition and complete passivity of the intensive care staff.
She was literally suffocating in front of my eyes, and the resuscitator on duty said that everything was fine, and there was no indication for interference.
I urgently called Makarov. After much persuasion, he deigned to come. They did a CT scan, found fluid in the second lung, performed a drainage, and it helped locally ... And if I weren’t there ???

That evening I was invited by an independent resuscitator, because the competence of CITO employees in this matter aroused distrust. He arrived not in vain, as a result of the inspection it turned out that it was necessary to correct the lung drainage (on which it depends whether a person is breathing or not). He may have saved her a second time. The resuscitation attendant, of course, did not see this (the fact that she was suffocating), because he doesn’t care about the sick at all. On a day off, patients of the CITO resuscitation can only hope for luck and good luck (we will live until Monday) ...

It became obvious that you can’t leave her there. We immediately raised the issue of transferring to another clinic, but faced with the fact that ... they did not want to give her away! Both the CITO administration and Sergey Nikolaevich Makarov himself, under any pretext, clinging to all the legal details (I’m not signed with her, my sister has a different surname, etc.) - they hindered the translation as much as possible. Is it because when you get to another place, the gross jamb of doctors will immediately open, leading to fatal complications? And isn’t it for this reason that they didn’t give all the CT scans made after the operation?
The whole horror of the situation was that Julia, with a serious complication of her lungs that arose as a result of surgery on her spine, was in an ALREADY NON-PROFILE clinic. And they don’t want to give to the side, so as not to substitute themselves. Checkmate. And the horrible reanimation with the attitude, as to a piece of meat, finished off everything ... especially at the weekend.

After some time, miraculously, through the head physician, we obtained documents for translation. But by that time her condition was already such that in Sklif, where they were going to transfer, they refused to accept. Even for a fee.

A few days later she died (day off - Sunday - night). She was only 37 years old. A man came to the hospital with his own feet for a planned operation, and drove straight to the cemetery. We are sure that even having made a mistake during the operation, it could have been saved if it had been in a specialized place with proper resuscitation. But, unfortunately, the priority of the doctors was not her life, but the desire to cover their asses ... Of course, the "doctors" have unsubscribed and will cover each other, so it will be difficult to prove their guilt legally, but we will do our best.

I believe that the death of my wife is entirely on the conscience of the attending physician and his negligence and nonsense.
I have written a statement in the UK of Russia and the Gene. The Russian prosecutor’s office to institute criminal proceedings against doctors upon the death of my dear wife.

PS The situation is far from being single. In the lobby of the intensive care unit I met a woman whose mother also lay with Yulia among the “heavy” ones. Unsuccessful joint replacement operation, severe complications, coma. The chances are minimal. Here are two people who are unlikely to replenish some official statistics. Nobody will know about them. And how many are there? ..
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Adminuss17 мая 2020, 15:05
We join in condolences. Let's pray for this girl.
Valeria17 мая 2020, 14:50
Already a frost on the skin. I can imagine how hard it is for you now. Hang on and GOD to help you. The girl is very sorry. Do not stop, especially since you have all the evidence of this negligence and monstrous indifference. Accept condolences.