"Doctors are fighting for their places, and cancer patients for their lives!"

24.08.2020 Маргарита Мищенко
Continuation of " #Zapiskionkobloger ": https://vk.com/topic-150449942_40084140
In a previous article, I told how polyclinics deny cancer patients, according to the law, free examinations, before chemotherapy, how private clinics profit from us.
(continuation of my "struggle for life" story)
Referrals for tests to be hospitalized for another chemotherapy treatment at the Vladimirskiy Oncologic Dispensary were given to me after a complaint to my insurance company. I will note that the insurance employees were very responsive and responded quickly. The very next day, I received referrals from the head physician of therapy in the 1st mountain. polyclinic (at the place of residence).
BUT!!! With a capital letter this is BUT, tk. how many years I have been on treatment, but just like that, not a single test, examination, treatment and drugs for oncology have just been given to me.
However, like many other familiar patients with cancer patients in Vladimir. I can't even imagine this lucky man, whether he exists, who goes through all chemotherapy courses without problems, just came and was given a referral for all the required tests for hospitalization, he just came and he underwent planned treatment day after day, everything on time, as expected, without delays.
Well, I personally do not know such people!
Friends if there is such a lucky one among you - RESPOND! Share your experience, how does this happen !? Can you save the life of more than one cancer patient in our land of Vladimir and Russian !!!
Of course, there is complete chaos in our budget medicine! It is necessary to achieve each stage of treatment. And if this treatment were not as complex and multi-stage as oncology, then there are no problems, we would have treated ourselves, but we have to go to our hospitals, to our "damned" hospitals, where both patients and doctors suffer, from the fact that money is not allocated, that medicines are not given.
And they have no right to talk about it, because they are afraid! They are afraid that they will lose their only job, that they will have nothing to feed their family with, etc., so it turns out that we are "suffering" and suffering from two sides of the "barricades". And here you can’t go anywhere, we were set like that, we were set up by a system that was created and continues to be created during the reign of the current government.
I am trying to "fight" with this system, or rather not to fight, but to correct it for myself, it is even better to say, I try to "merge" into it and correct such shortcomings as: refusal of examinations, refusal of medicines and treatment, the attitude of the medical staff towards patients. And by my example, I share with you, show how it works. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid, my method really works, I "go with the flow" in this system, I change it for myself, and it really works, it works, at the moment I have changed and now I just follow the treatment and attitude in the oncological dispensary ... I get everything I need for a stable free treatment that is legally required for cancer patients! The law works!
Now I, so to speak, decided to tackle our 1st. Mountains. Polyclinic in the city of Vladimir, to which I belong at the place of residence.
I’ll say right away that it’s not easy (I’ve just started to actively deal with the problems of this clinic), so to speak, "joined", and change the order there. It's just that everything is "stale", you can't even imagine how much, I think it is not necessary to change doctors and medical staff, but to find a new good head physician and deputy who would like to communicate with patients and help, really solve their problems.
Until I saw that these heads of the clinic are "hiding" behind the backs of lower officials. At my last meeting with the head of the therapy, I saw that she performs the task of "lulling the vigilance" of patients, with all sorts of flattering persuasions.
Actually, I came to her after a complaint, because I was denied a timely appointment with a therapist and examination before chemotherapy.
Well, see for yourself the "life and death" business. And in the 1st City Hospital, no one cares about it. I would call this situation like this: " They are fighting for their places, and I am fighting for my life"!
In general, my dear readers, things are getting better, before this chemotherapy I was given many referrals, and even for COVID-19 (I attach an extract to the article below), about which I wrote a lot, that it takes a long time, as much as 2 weeks, so cancer patients, they simply confront the fact, without even offering a choice, to go and rent for a fee. Maybe God helped, maybe someone from above read my article about this case, in general, as I like to say: "Thank you all, everyone is free"!
I successfully passed the tests, and on August 24th I underwent another, I don’t know which one, I answer this question to everyone: A MILLION course of chemotherapy !!!
That's all for today, my "fun" life continues as an oncology patient. At the moment, in my 1st Horus. the polyclinic was denied 2 tests required before "chemistry" - a blood test for D-dimer and ultrasound of the heart.
But I don’t give up and I don’t advise YOU, I sent complaints to Roszdravnadzor of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Health. I wrote at the same time that our Roszdravnadzor and Obl.zdrav, forgive me for the expression "I shied away, but I don't want to" from above. Because at the beginning of the summer, I first sent requests for help to our Regional Vladimirsky Roszdrav and Oblzdrav, and received an INSANE response that I pass all tests on time in my clinic and they are on the card.
Bravo! To what they have sunk, to prove to cancer patients that they forgive "fuckers" !!!
So, my dear cancer patients and their relatives are watching the situation, I will definitely post an answer, we will pray that the answer is in our favor, if not, then we will write further, we will not give up !!!
We have a happy, stormy volunteer life ahead of us.
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Good health, everyone!
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