Vladimirsky oncoblogger, opened the charitable organization VRBOO "TOGETHER"

16.08.2020 Маргарита Мищенко
Everyone knows that in our time in the field of budgetary medicine we have chaos. I myself personally undergo treatment for oncology, and for more than 4 years now I have been faced with the indifference of doctors and medical staff, who come to patients with their needs.
Patients are periodically denied examinations and medications, saying that there are no quotas for this or that money is not allocated from the budget. And doomed people suffer, looking for a way out.
And if a patient has a difficult situation, if it comes to life and death, for example, an oncological disease has been identified, then often there is only one way out, to look for money for paid treatment. But, paid treatment of oncology in our time, for many ordinary people, children, retirees and disabled people is an expensive pleasure!
  • Therefore, charitable organizations come to the aid of seriously ill patients.
So, I went through the "9 circles of hell", seeking free drugs and examinations, began to share my experience of successfully "knocking out" the budgetary treatment prescribed for cancer patients (read in my articles "Notes of an oncoblogger" on the website medicfatal.ru
  • Now cancer patients and their relatives turn to me for advice.
Many face problems such as:
- refusal in the prescribed free examinations and analyzes;
- denial of treatment;
- refusal to issue essential medicines;
- not knowing who to turn to for advice;
- not knowing where to go for help;
- lack of knowledge of how to properly write a complaint to the supervisory authorities;
etc. t
  • Seeing how many people suffering from oncology need such help, I and volunteer activists decided to register, on the territory of the Russian Federation, a charitable organization VRBOO "TOGETHER"
Certificate of state registration of a non-profit organization
VRBOO "TOGETHER" dated July 20, 2020,
account number 3312010951
OGRN 1203300005490
Activities of our organization:
- Provision of material assistance to patients with oncological diseases and their families, aimed at purchasing expensive drugs, hygiene and rehabilitation products, paying for expensive examinations, accommodation and travel to the place of treatment and conducting examinations;
- providing psychological assistance to people with cancer and their relatives;
- drawing attention to the problems of people with oncology;
- informing the population about the problems and needs of cancer patients.

Dear readers!
If you or your relatives are faced with the above problems, you can contact us and write to us for help by E- mail: vmeste_33 @ mail. ru
or in messages of groups in social networks:
VK: vk. com / vmecte33
Facebook: www. facebook. com / groups / vmecte33
OK: ok.ru/vmecte33

Requisites for transferring donations:
Customer name
account 407 03 810 9 0200 0002577
TIN 3327145761,
Correspondent account 301 01 810 3 0000 0000760,
BIK 047888760, check point 332701001
Payment Description:
"charitable donation to cancer patients" .
Patronage in Russia has always been considered a noble occupation,
So let your nobility and participation in the life of cancer patients
will return to you a hundredfold!
Good health, everyone!
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Adminuss16 августа 2020, 18:35
When the state itself has retired or even openly spits on people's lives, such as Margarita really help sick people.