In Russia, coronavirus, you stay there !!!

13.05.2020 Маргарита Мищенко
Today 05/13/20: Continuation: " # Note of the co-blogger ":
As I understood, from the events happening around, the coronavirus does not concern people who need any help.
In my blog, I recently wrote about an incident that happened to me, I repeat!
At the moment I am undergoing treatment at the Vladimir Oncology Center for Hodgkin Lymphoma (this is a malignant cancer disease). I’ve been treating for the 5th year, more precisely, I’m not being treated, but I am engaged in constant “knocking out” of medicines and examinations, because legal treatment and examination are not provided to me. But, I myself, as a disabled person of the 2nd group with oncology, can not afford paid treatment due to a meager disability pension of 5600 rubles ..
You say: Many people live like this now?
All this is understandable, now it’s not a matter of retirement, although, I believe that this is an important topic for discussion and in the future I will raise this issue!
Now I want to talk about
Cancer Patients, Coronavirus and Power!
So, in March of this year 2020, I underwent another chemotherapy course at the Vladimir Oncology Center, then on April 15, 2020, I had to go to a consultation with an oncologist, at the Moscow Oncology Center named after Flea.
The second week of coronavirus self-isolation was in Russia. All media reported that you need to stay at home, because the peak of the spread of the disease has not yet passed. Called people at risk for complications from coronavirus. In the forefront were people with my diagnosis - oncology.
Looking at all this, I thought that my entry to the oncology center them. Blokhin, will be canceled. I myself was afraid that if I went to Moscow, I would definitely catch this virus and get sick. Moreover, after 5 years of chemotherapy, which simply killed and continues to kill my immunity, no forces are enough to defeat this terrible beast named "Coronavirus". Where can we, the cancer patient, fight him ?!
Against the background of what the media broadcast in the news, I thought that the authorities also thought so. After all, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin himself, speaking on television, asked that all of us, the sick, as well as the elderly, with low immunity,
Time passed, there was still more than a week before my trip to the doctor from Vladimir (since I live in Vladimir), but no one called and did not cancel my appointment with the doctor. Then I decided to play it safe and write to the supervisory authorities myself, let me know, ask that I not visit Moscow at this time, which is dangerous for my health.
In general, I wrote to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. I will not retell the essence of the letter, I am attaching a photo to this article with text from the website of the Ministry of Health.
So, it was April 15, 2020, the time of the doctor’s visit, but no one called me back, didn’t unsubscribe. I had to go at my own peril and risk!
At the reception, the doctor said that it was possible not to come because of the epidemic, that the doctors of the Vladimir Oncology Center could simply continue treatment according to the intended scheme, since, according to the results of the PET CT scan between chemotherapy courses, a positive result is visible. And he said that I urgently needed to go to continue treatment. With such instructions, I returned home.
Honestly, I still wonder: "Is he a coronavirus?"
Because, with all the security measures that the authorities are trying to take, personally to me, these authorities did not help, they did not even try to help me during the terrible epidemic of coronavirus, as they say. The authorities just left me to the mercy of fate - "survive will not survive!" And you know, frankly, it’s even strange that I, being in the forefront of the risk of contracting a coronavirus, remained alive. Despite the fact that many people die every day. By the way, speaking, no more than cancer patients, but who would care?
So comrades, believe it or not, but I, as they say, went
through fire and water and copper pipes , through the very center of Moscow, during the pandemic, and remained alive!
Those who believe in God, like me, can say that the Lord God helped. Maybe this is so, but what I know for sure is that the authorities didn’t even hit a finger to help a seriously ill patient with oncology, a citizen of the Russian Federation for the safety of whom they are fighting, collecting daily online meetings.
Gentlemen, comrades, it’s ridiculous to look at you when we, the cancer patients, are really fighting every day to get the treatment we are entitled to by law!
Good morning to all! Cancer Healing!
And God save us from the coronavirus !!!

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Appeal to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation:

Help from the oncology center named after Blokhin Moscow city visit:

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Svetlana Il ..13 мая 2020, 22:28
The words are staggering - “But I myself, as a disabled person of the 2nd group with oncology, cannot afford paid treatment because of a meager disability pension of 5600 rubles ..” - this is less than 100 hated US dollars a month. How can you call a great country that sucks all the juices out of people, and when help is needed - THROWS THEM TO THE ARMS OF DESTINY.
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