"Have you forgotten where you live? - In a fucking Russia!"

25.05.2020 Маргарита Мищенко
Continuation: " # Zapiskionkobloger "
I continue to describe my long history of treatment at the Vladimir Cancer Center!
After I had a PET CT scan, the commission at the Oncology Center named after Blokhin, prescribed a comprehensive treatment with drugs: Brentuximab Vetodin and Bendamustine.
At the same time, the oncohematologist said that these drugs are administered together, otherwise there will be no effect.
I also heard that the medicine of Brentuximab Vetodin is expensive and many cancer patients have to buy it for their money, because Doctors either refuse, or simply say "feed breakfast" until the cancer patient dies.
So, I came to Vladimir and went to see a chemotherapist, who, after seeing the prescribed treatment, immediately “told” me that I would never get this medicine.
I asked again: "Maybe you can get it by the quota?" She affirmatively repeated that this medicine is not and will not be !!!
I sat in bewilderment, all my short life (36 years), flew by in my head fleetingly.
I thought: "Since there is no this medicine, there is only one thing left - to die !!!" And what really could not be explained, it was with what pleasure and anger the doctor told me this. How much you need to hate your patients, and maybe your job, to humiliate a sick person who has only a few days left to live.
As a result, the chemotherapist sent me to the medical commission, because it is there that the verdict is passed - will the patient live with cancer or not !!!
The commission was to be held in a couple of days.
I decided to turn to the Vladimir Department of Health for help. At that moment, an employee of the department contacted me, who promised to arrange a meeting with the director of the Vladimir Department of Health, A. Kiryukhin.
For this meeting, I prepared 8 handwritten sheets describing my treatment history, with the names of all the doctors who refused me painkillers, who offered me examinations for money, and who were denied vital medicines.
I hoped that the Director, with a capital letter of this word, would understand the situation, punish doctors who illegally refuse cancer patients.
In general, at our meeting, I gladly handed over personally to the Director of the Department of Health Kiryukhin A.V. your statement.
He listened to me, and with a smile of a kind man, he promised me that he would personally understand my case and that he would help with the medicine.
A day later, I went to the commission in the Vladimir Oncology Center, with the prescribed treatment regimen from the Oncology Center named after Blokhin!
On the commission I was received by the head of the chemotherapy department. She read the name of the drug, Brentuximaba Vetodin, and said in surprise: "Well, then, for the first time I hear this name? Have we ever had such a medicine?"
I asked: "And what to do?"
The chemotherapy manager replied, “We’ll see now”
Then I said that I met with the director of the Department of Health and that he promised to help with the purchase of medicine.
She was delighted, called the head of the oncology center clinic, whispered something to her and I was told that this medicine would be purchased within 3-4 months, but for now I have to wait.
And I, reassured, went home!
From the same day, an employee of the department began to call me periodically. She was very polite, each time asking about my well-being, and asked me to wait a little longer, said that she personally monitors the situation, and that the purchase of medicine for me happens in the best way.
So a month passed, the second. I suffered from pain every day, still not receiving painkillers, I used various alternative treatment methods, drank soda, hydrogen peroxide, etc.
At the same time, I posted my articles about the current situation in social networks. And my articles were read by other cancer patients who fell into the same situation. They told me that I was waiting in vain,
they didn’t buy any medicine for me, it's all a hoax. They were similarly deceived in their time at the Vladimir Department of Health and at the cancer center. As it turned out, the scheme of deception by officials and oncologists in Vladimir is the same for everyone.
I asked: "And how did you get the medicine?"
I was told that part of the money was obtained on our own, and for another part of the money I had to turn to benefactors. (see photo of our correspondence, I attach to the article).

I was in shock !!! I immediately called, so to speak, an already familiar employee from the Department of Health, her name was Galina, and asked: “Could you clarify when will they buy the medicine for me?”
Galina, talked with the procurement manager in the department and informed me that my name was not on the lists for the purchase of these medicines.
I was amazed!!!
Kind people, can you imagine, I waited 5 months that I was about to begin treatment, during this time I metastasized lymph nodes throughout my body grew very much. I could not walk without painkillers. It was scary.
And this Galina, a little later, informed me that she, there, in the department “resolved” this situation, she asked to put my name on the lists for the purchase of medicines and that I need to wait quite a bit - another 3-4 months.
With my symptoms, I realized that I could not stand it for one month!
So it turns out that even the authorities have their own fraud schemes !!!
They simply mock people in need of medicine, they consider themselves Gods who decide who to give treatment and who to refuse.

Finding myself in such a situation, learning what was going on there, I pulled myself together and promised the higher powers: “Lord! If I stay alive, if it so pleases that I will get these medicines, then I will devote my whole life to the struggle for compliance with the law of the Russian Federation on free, affordable treatment for cancer patients and seriously ill patients! I will help, I will protect cancer patients and seriously ill patients! "
And now, 2 years have passed already, thank God, I’m alive and well, though I continue to undergo chemotherapy treatment, but my condition has improved much, I began to write articles about my treatment experience and convey information to people in a difficult situation. I created a charity community of volunteers: https://vk.com/preobrajenie_2019 helping cancer patients.
We collect funds for treatment for people in need, and we also transfer the collected hygiene products to the oncology dispensary, knowing from personal experience that there are interruptions in medicines and hygiene products.
Although I believe that official services should be engaged in this, but unfortunately in our country, medical services are provided at the proper level, only on a paid basis.
This concludes this article, stay tuned!

P./S .: Lastly, I want to tell you an interesting case!
Once, accompanied by my husband, I went to see an oncologist and we talked about doctors about medicine, about officials, I began to indignantly recall how they periodically refused to give me treatment.
And a crowd of young people passed us, they talked loudly and the phrase flew to us:
"Have you forgotten where you live?" and then the answer followed: "In a fucking Russia!"
My husband heard this phrase and told me: "Well? Got an answer?"

Good to all zdorovichka!
Wash your hands, do not hurt!
Your Margarita !!!
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