From a sheep with cancer, even a tuft of wool!

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I haven’t written an article for a long time, I kept waiting for the medicine to be given out, I didn’t wait, I realized that this disgrace in our country would never end.
The ruling elite, only money from us is needed, but as soon as a law-abiding citizen starts asking for something for himself, then he is told, "We have no money, but you are holding on there." And with all this, you just see how these same money, which is "not" - mind you, in quotation marks, are sent, then abroad, then in Syria; to Mars; somewhere in space - mind you without the quotes!
Well, where do we go - with God's help we will hold on!
Here's a lyrical introduction turned out, and now let's talk about "daily bread"!
The other day, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin spoke again, from his speech I realized that everything is not so bad with us, life in the country is getting better, and nothing that oil is falling, that people are losing their jobs because of quarantine, salaries are not paid, etc. .P..
By the way, strict measures were introduced abroad again, more than 6 people did not gather, wear masks in a strict manner, in public places.
My friend lives in England. She told how she went to the cafe. Sits down at a table and makes an order through the application on the phone, i.e. the waiter does not come, he only brings the ready order. Probably soon it will be so with us.
Well, I have no time for cafes and restaurants, I still go and, like a beggar, I try to get tests, examinations and medicines under the compulsory medical insurance policy.
Honestly, I don’t have to be bored, as I go to the clinic, I already drink soothing tea in advance, though it doesn’t help much, because, as before, every time I have to go to complain to the Head. I immediately told her that with such an attitude of the medical staff and doctors to the patients, so as not to waste time, you should immediately go straight to her. But no, she doesn't agree with me, doesn't want to take on extra work. But the result is always the same, all roads lead through scandals and to the head !!!
And so I once again went to our beloved 1st city polyclinic. I could not make an appointment with a therapist in my area, because the appointment is 2 weeks in advance, and I go to chemotherapy every 20 days.
For 2 weeks I called the reception, managed to make an appointment with a therapist from another area. I came to this therapist to "beg" directions for tests. She immediately saw that I was from another site, and began to scold me so that I would no longer sign up for her, that she was not obliged to give me directions, since I'm from another site.
I explained to her that it was only possible to sign up for her! But she doesn't care, she said that in this case I should go to my therapist without an appointment. I explained that I had already gone without an appointment; I was refused admission. And she: "If they refuse admission, go and complain to the manager!"
And so she answered. But still, she wrote me directions this time.
The next day, I successfully passed all the tests.
STOP! It is not true, in previous articles I wrote that at the oncology center they give me directions for tests that I have to take at the place of residence, but at the place of residence they constantly refuse to receive ultrasound of the heart and analysis for D-dimer.
They are kind people, which I just didn’t do, and I turned to the insurance company and wrote a request for help to Roszdrav and the Ministry of Health - nobody cares. Even the answer did not come, they simply decided to remain silent. This means that the supervisory authorities do not want to help deal with the problem of "STEALING" of cancer patients. And something in quotes, no, here you can directly write STEALING, so it is, let's figure it out !!!
Everyone, all cancer patients of the Vladimir Oncological Dispensary, are supposed to undergo tests before chemotherapy, and by the way, the list of these tests is expanding every year. But it would be all right if all these tests and examinations could be passed free of charge, as it should be according to the LAW of the Russian Federation, under the compulsory medical insurance policy.
BUT BUT BUT! In our country of thieves, laws do not work !!! I write strictly, but you know, forgive me, our managers, I have been fighting against a blank wall for more than 5 years, I have been asking for help all the time, then to Oblzdrav (they said that I should solve my problems myself), then I turned to the Ministry of Health, to Roszdrav - they did not even answer my last request (I wrote about this situation in my articles earlier, read it), although they always answered before.
It can be concluded that the further, the worse, the situation in our country becomes!
Cancer patients are poor robbed Sheep whom no one wants to help.
And having felt it on your own skin, when you find out that you have a terrible diagnosis of ONCOLOGY, you go to the hospital to get help, and you just get, forgive, "KICK IN THE ASS" !!! Well, what are we talking about, my dear readers, what are we talking about, naturally, with such an attitude to business, there will be deaths.
By the way, recently, my friend's dad died. His name was Peter! If you are a believer, then please pray for God's servant Peter.
Last year he was diagnosed with oncology, and doctors at the Vladimirskiy Oncologic Dispensary refused to give him treatment, but the man was free to move around and felt fine. Then Peter went to Moscow to the cancer center. In the Vladimirskiy oncologic dispensary, they didn’t give him a referral to Moscow, they simply said that “they cannot help him with anything”!
Arriving in Moscow, the doctors examined him and were very surprised, questions poured in: "Why didn't you get a further examination? Why didn't they prescribe treatment !?"
In general, the Moscow doctors took it up in full, and even conducted examinations under the compulsory medical insurance policy. True, I had to pay 5000 rubles for the initial visit, because there was no direction.
After visiting the Moscow Oncology Center, the man had a hope for life! He was prescribed medicine. Treatment began at the beginning of 2020, at the place of residence, i.e. in Vladimir.
And now, hard times came, the Coronavirus came, the medicine ended immediately. Peter comes to the hospital, and he is answered, "There is no money for medicines, you are holding on there." 3 months passed in this way, during this time, his daughter went everywhere for help, but the medicine did not appear. And as everyone knows, I am constantly writing about this, cancer patients, and even those with experience of treatment, these are very poor people, tk. constantly have to spend money on medications and medical supplies associated with the treatment of oncology. And if you are also a pensioner, then you have no chance, let alone buy medicine, you have no chance of even getting tested.
Well, I will stop at this, although I have not written everything about what I wanted, I will continue in the next article. Maybe by that time they will call me from our Vladimir Oncology Center and the doctor will say that the medicine has been brought, Margarita - come for treatment !!!
Now, my regular readers will ask: "Why aren't you writing a complaint?"
And I will answer you: "Everything is still ahead!"
Good health to all!
Join my charity organization to help cancer patients VRBOO "TOGETHER"!
We opened not so long ago, but we already have enough business, and of course we cannot do without outside help. You yourself see what is happening in healthcare, how difficult it is for people diagnosed with Oncology.
Therefore, just in case, I leave our contacts:
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