“After going through 9 laps of ADA, I finally got cancer medication!”

25.06.2020 Маргарита Мищенко
Continuation: # Note by coblogger
By the next time I arrived at the cancer center, the medicine finally appeared, and I was assigned the day of hospitalization for chemotherapy.
But, having passed, as they say, through all the "9 circles of ADA", I began to doubt the authenticity of the medicine. More precisely, I had previously heard stories about how drugs are replaced by others, a placebo, so to speak.
I had a fear that they could replace me. As my above history has shown, we can conclude that no one cares before stabbing a cancer patient. Even if the wrong medicine is injected into us, all the same, we will all die of cancer, and no one will even understand what we were treated with. In the same way, I was treated before relapse, as a doctor at the Moscow Cancer Center said, after seeing my chemotherapy treatment for 12 months, that I was treated according to schemes that did not correspond to my disease.
And then I wrote to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, to the Department of Health of the Vladimir Region. So what? Did someone there look at what they treated me with? At least someone began to understand why oncologists conduct treatment according to schemes that are not appropriate for the disease? No, everyone, as they worked in our cancer center, continues to "ruin" cancer patients. Thank God if a person survives after this treatment, as was the case in my case. I think I was just lucky that Vladimir oncologists, as a result, after a year of treatment, refused me, and sent me to Moscow, to the oncology center named after Flea.
I am with severe pain, from the fact that around the metastases, with the last effort, with the help of my husband I got to the oncology center of them. Blokhin and ran there along the corridors and bursts. At one moment it even seemed to me that I would give my soul to God there in the corridor. It was scary.
When we walked, or rather ran, because spent the whole day in line to the oncohematologist, in the end it was necessary to put a bunch of seals in the registry, I had to run in order to be in time, because allow me to spend the night in Moscow on my disability pension 5200 p. we couldn’t, because so it was necessary for friends to ask for money for a trip to Moscow, and then still spend the night, no, for cancer patients in our country, it is simply impossible with our free medicine.
And so, I tried my best to escape, holding on to my husband’s hand, and suddenly I felt like I was just shot by painful lightning on my left side and sent from the back to the spine.
I immediately slowed down and fell onto a sofa in the corridor nearby. Thank God there are these chairs and sofas, otherwise I would just fall to the floor. It was a kind of quest, almost like in a war, when under the bullets of the enemy it was necessary to carry out a combat mission. This is a good thing!
There were minutes, some minutes, before the registry closed, and here I fell off on the sofa - such thoughts flew through my head, I had to think of something so that I did not have to spend the night in Moscow at the station.
And then a good idea came, I told my husband that I couldn’t go any further, and that he would have to run alone with my extracts and ask for signatures and seals without my presence.
I stayed on the sofa, in the hope that there was a chance for me to catch my breath and survive, although who knows what oncology is in the last stages, he will understand me that he just won’t be able to catch his breath. here the problem is not breathing !!!
In general, I rested a bit and a miracle still happened, my husband returned for me with signatures and seals. Next, I had to pull myself together and with terrible pain to get to Vladimir. We got to the Kursk station slowly, bought tickets and got to the house.
Thank God I survived, but as it turned out, in such conditions with severe pain and without painkillers, because they just didn’t give them to me, I described this incident in my articles, I had to live another half a year before they were given the medications I was given for free.
And now, finally, I got the medicine, but bad thoughts came to me, as I wrote above, that they can replace chemotherapy with any other medicine.
I told my acquaintances about this, and they recommended that I simply ask my attending physician a chemotherapist to show me a package of the medicine that will be infused.

When they laid me down, I did so. My chemotherapist was a young girl who had just graduated from an academy.
During the examination, I told her my concerns, and she promised to ask the head of the chemotherapy department that the nurse show me a box of the drug before the infusion.

But, when the time came for the procedure, neither the doctor, nor the head was there, and the nurse just brought the diluted medicine in a bottle from saline, as usual, cancer patients do not see what they are injected, because they dilute the medicine into procedural.

By the way, I forgot to mention that I personally spoke about my concerns to the Director of the Department of Health of the Vladimir Region, then Kiryukhin A.V. held this post, and he personally asked him to put a person from the department who would follow me to get that medicine.
But at that time I completely trusted A.V. Kiryukhin, because under his leadership the health of the citizens of the Russian Federation is protected, because his organization solves such issues!
Those. my dear readers, in this article, I want to say that no one needs anyone, neither in government agencies such as the Ministry of Health, nor in the Regional Health Center, nor in cancer centers, nor in clinics, and now in our time, to achieve the truth, oh how hard, because everything suits everyone there!

As a result, I continue treatment now, and in the same way I do not know what they are pouring into me! When I went to a consultation in Moscow once again, I complained to the hematology specialist that the treatment is very poor and slow, despite the fact that I seem to have achieved the very last, so to speak, innovative medicine at the moment ( I am currently undergoing immunotherapy ) and who knows what it is, he will immediately say that it is a very good medicine.

But unfortunately, they still give him to me, in our Vladimir Oncology Center, intermittently. And my cure is very slow.

I spoke about this in Moscow, in Blokhin, at an appointment with an oncohematologist. So you know what he answered me !!!

He replied: "I don’t know at all what they’re pouring into you in your Vladimir Oncenter !!!"
What is this talking about !? But this can only be said that none of the cancer patients can know exactly what they are treating him with, and whether he is being treated for his illness?
Because this is how treatment is arranged in Russia. And when a patient with a cancer patient asks a doctor what and how, then in our Vladimir Oncology Center I answer: “It's not your business? Why do you need to know how you are being treated? You still don’t understand anything in oncology!”
That is the whole answer.
I myself am constantly in line to the oncologist, I am witnessing such cases. The patient comes out in disbelief from the doctor, with tears in his eyes and tells people from the line that the doctor simply did not talk to him, said that he would go and just be treated without asking unnecessary questions.
As a result, we, experienced cancer patients, have to console this patient. And the patient has a nervous breakdown after such a doctor’s response, and the only thing he wants is to go and hang himself !!!
So friends, if you have relatives with oncology in your family, then support them with a warm, affectionate word, because we, the cancer patients, so lack them after visiting cancer clinics and such doctors' answers.
And I remind you that I opened a help group for cancer patients, though only in the Vladimir Region so far, but there is information for all cancer patients in my group, especially with my volunteers I conduct educational activities in the field of access to legal information when cancer patients are denied treatment, examination, in pain medication. If you have such a case, then contact me in the messages of my group:
That's all for today! All with the past holiday - Happy Victory Day !!!
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Good to all zdorovichka!
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Ivan Generalov14 августа 2020, 11:59
Almost the same with me and my sister, she is 46 and she is dying of stomach cancer, which is successfully treated in other countries, and in Moscow and St. Petersburg they can significantly help if there is money. She, like many people in my area, was diagnosed too late, because there was no money for paid examinations, and they refused to do it for free. All of us began to make Russian chemistry for everyone, from which people have black vomit and which does not help, they also changed the imported expensive drug to Russian shit, from which the disease does not slow down as before, but progresses, hellish unbearable pains returned, which I can hardly bear and I take my sister in a wheelchair to Moscow for chemistry, in order to somehow make her last days easier. The whole world is collecting for these trips, because it is not free, I ask everyone for help, my pension, half of my sick mother's pension and my sister's pension are spent on our trips and this is not enough. Why is this attitude towards us in their country?
Маргарита Мищенко27 июня 2020, 12:29
But our authorities and generally do not pay attention to cancer patients, only money from them is pulled for examinations. As the saying goes: "Died, so dead!"
Valery26 июня 2020, 22:31
But indeed, it is not known what is in the syringe ... Maybe an ordinary saline solution. Cancer drugs are very expensive, and almost all doctors earn extra money in private clinics. I handed over the drug to the left for 30% of the price, and the patient was injected with a saline solution, so you have a big fee. And the fact that a person dies - so they do not care.