"As long as alternative medicine exists, I will hold out for a while!"

20.07.2020 Маргарита Мищенко
Continuation: " #Zapiskionkoblogger "
I will continue the topic I started about patient rehabilitation in Russia!
By the way, I want to say that the workers of the Oblzdravs and the Ministry of Health do not forget about themselves and their relatives, and they themselves periodically use preferential trips to rest homes and sanatoriums. I know this from the personal experience of my acquaintances, employees of healthcare vacations. Well, that's right, after all, as is customary in Russia, where you work, from there you have.
I remember in childhood that many citizens working at different enterprises periodically went to sanatoriums and resorts, I think everyone in the family has a photo from sanatoriums and resorts, vouchers in those days were issued by trade unions.

This is how it was, described in an article on the website https://life.ru/p/964575

"In the USSR, the recreation of citizens was a task on a national scale. More often citizens recovered their strength in sanatoriums.
A voucher to a sanatorium was issued free of charge, or the employee paid part of its cost - about 10-30%. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War and labor, pensioners, single mothers always rested for free.
A trip to the resort was awarded for labor merit, or for treatment.
A contemporary of that time recalls:
"- I brought a doctor's certificate to the plant, which confirmed that I had kidney problems. The plant sent the application to the trade union committee (trade union committee), there they already formed a list of people who needed rest and treatment," pensioner Elena Bykova told us. paid 10% of the cost of the ticket and the trip. "
Our other interlocutor, Marina Kucherova, had been suffering from psoriasis (a skin disease) for many years, and her employers regularly sent her for treatment. The voucher and the road were fully paid by the enterprise.
According to Larisa Ryazanova, deputy director general of the health resort association "Resorts of Ossetia", workers often underwent diagnostics before treatment.
- A person came and received a full examination, and then, based on its results, treatment was prescribed. I believe sanatoriums have made a colossal contribution to the health of the population.
Today, most people's vacation lasts two to three weeks maximum. In the USSR, citizens rested much longer. According to the decree of the Presidium of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions of September 28, 1972, the minimum stay in the sanatorium was set at 24 days. That is how much time was allotted for the treatment of diseases of the circulatory system, nervous system, digestion, metabolism, kidneys and genitourinary system. The maximum stay was 52 days. So many diseases and injuries of the spinal cord were treated.
Arriving at the sanatorium immediately got to see a doctor. The medical professional studied the certificates, listened to complaints and wrote out a treatment plan. It could include baths, inhalation, Charcot's shower, mineral water treatment.
Despite the difficulties of that time, the rest and rehabilitation in the Soviet way were full and effective. After a month of measured life, vacationers returned full of strength and health. "

And now? Who are these vouchers for now? And in general, in our time, the state allocates money for sanatoriums and resorts?
If it does, where are they and who is resting with these funds?
Me and my friends with all my ailments: with oncology, with the consequences after chemotherapy, definitely did not receive a referral for rehabilitation!
The same is true for children with cancer! I know from my volunteer work that parents of cancer children, after severe treatment, have to undergo rehabilitation at their own expense or with donations from benefactors.
Someone will say that spa treatment is contraindicated for cancer patients.
I will disappoint you! Here is the opinion of an oncologist from I.N. N.N. Petrov - https://www.niioncologii.ru

"The oncologists do not doubt the expediency and effectiveness of the rehabilitation of oncological patients in a sanatorium or resort. However, among doctors of other specialties, there is still an idea of the danger of sanatorium rehabilitation for patients who have undergone radical therapy for malignant tumors."

Recently, as the organizer of the oncology club in Vladimir, I was sent an invitation to rehabilitation after chemotherapy for the members of our club at the European Medical Center https://www.emcmos.ru
Those. if we arrive in a group for rehabilitation at this center, which is located in Moscow, then we will undergo some recovery procedures for cancer patients at a discount. But since in our club all cancer patients live on disability pension, then naturally the question arose about the price!
When I made a request to this center about the price, they could not tell me the exact amount, we were just invited to come, and there we will find out about the price. But I already wrote earlier that in Russia a disabled person with cancer simply cannot survive on a disability pension when they have to take part of the tests at their own expense (to clarify, we are simply forced to take tests at our own expense, and not only, I will describe this topic in the following articles ), and not only analyzes, but also medications accompanying treatment and the same rehabilitation - buy. Therefore, we consulted with the members of the club and came to the conclusion that such a strange invitation to rehabilitation with concealment of prices simply does not suit us.
In general, we could simply be "put on money", i.e. deceive, and God forbid, I would have to take loans to pay for this rehabilitation.
Of course, if a cancer patient has extra money or relatives can pay for a visit to this center, I will only be happy to share this link with you. God grant that everything will be good !!!
What kind of budgetary rehabilitation can we talk about in Russia today?
As a consequence of oncology and my many years of treatment, my kidney began to hurt, swelling of my legs, pain in the spine, etc. appeared, and that at least one of the doctors offered me rehabilitation. Every time I see a doctor, I list these symptoms, so what? It seems that everyone is just waiting: "But when are you" sucked ... "- that is, will you die?"
Answer: "As long as alternative medicine exists, I will hold out for a while!"
This is how we in Russia treat oncology and its consequences (especially when medicines are denied and ordinary citizens of Russia have no money for paid treatment) - ALTERNATIVE METHODS !!!
Join my charity group for helping cancer patients VKontakte: https://vk.com/preobrajenie_2019
Link to my last article "Coronavirus is not as bad as oncology!" : https://medicfatal.com/posts/95-ne-tak-strashen-koronavirus-kak-onkologiya!
Follow the new issues of my articles on the website at: www.medicfatal.com
Good health, everyone!
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