"An open letter to the President of the Russian Federation from cancer patients"

27.07.2020 Маргарита Мищенко

(Open appeal to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin)

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This is the conclusion I came to during my many years of trying to recover from oncology in Russia. I am already tired of repeating how much strength and energy it takes for me to constantly "knock out" examinations and medications for myself. How many complaints have I already written and gave interviews to journalists of local and federal media? I wrote to the president's office, to the Ministry of Health, to the regional health department, but no one pays attention to the problems of cancer patients, to the fact that the laws are not observed, that with modern budget medicine, cancer patients die not from cancer, but from the fact that they are under-examined and under-treated. , because a person suffering from oncology, and even at more advanced stages, cannot independently knock out drugs for himself, as a result he dies, and the doctors pretend that they are treating him according to all the rules. But only periodically they refuse examinations and medications, tk. they end unexpectedly due to the fact that no money is allocated from the budget!
Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!
Please, this is the last cry of my soul:
- Help cancer patients! Put things in order with the timely receipt of medications and the passage of examinations and tests.
By my personal example, I inform you that polyclinics refuse free examinations and medicines. They send them to buy at their own expense, and take tests to private clinics.
I am sure that according to your decree, they will immediately begin to solve the problems of cancer patients! Unfortunately, my complaints and complaints from other cancer patients are being paid attention temporarily, from complaint to complaint.
And there is nothing to say about other patients, if the doctors see that a sick, exhausted cancer patient comes to them, they simply refuse him, and afterwards they say: “There is no money in the budget, and if you complain, then we will stop treating you altogether!”
Here's an example from my last doctor visits!
Before going to chemotherapy at our Vladimirsky Oncologic Dispensary, I and all cancer patients are supposed to be tested and examined at the place of residence, I belong to the 1st mountain. polyclinic at Vladimir on the street. Novo-Yamskaya, 4.
Throughout the treatment, from time to time we are delayed in the delivery of tests, or are denied them, as a result, forcing us to go to paid clinics.
In the spring of this year, 2020, I personally, once again failed to collect the tests before chemotherapy , and I decided to put an end to this story by writing a statement to Roszdravnadzor and listed all the nuances that should be corrected so that cancer patients could undergo examinations before treatment courses on time. From Roszdravnadzor, according to tradition, my letter was sent to the Oblzdrav of the Vladimir region.
(I attach the answer to my application from the Oblzdrav to this letter)

In a response letter from the Oblzdrav of the Vladimir region, acting. Deputy Director Yulia Vladimirovna Arsenina, claims that tests and examinations are carried out to me periodically and free of charge, and that all tests are in the outpatient card (this is a fraud, I have all the checks from paid clinics on hand).
When I came for the next examination in July 2020, I saw that nothing had changed, except for the fact that my card had disappeared and I had to start a new one!
Also, in a letter to Roszdravnadzor in the spring of 2020, I asked for all cancer patients who are registered at the place of residence in the 1st mountain. hospital - to appoint an oncologist, whose place has not been in our clinic for several years. And this request was also ignored.
As for the analyzes in July 2020, they refused me, the head told me to do them at my own expense, despite the fact that I am a disabled person of the 2nd group in oncology, I receive a pension of 5,600 rubles. For the other part of the tests, reagents were not purchased, and also did not do. There was no coupon on ultrasound of the heart.
Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!
I decided to write to you, because the facts in the Oblzdrav are distorted, and the administration of the Oblzdrav does not take any action! In the hope that you will give an order to those responsible for establishing order in budgetary medicine in relation to cancer patients!
Best regards, organizer of the volunteer community of the Vladimir region. "TOGETHER" - Mishchenko Margarita
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