Cancer patient in Vladimir is denied medication!

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A lonely elderly woman, a resident of the city of Vladimir, has been struggling with cancer for several years.
With the arrival of the Coronavirus, back in the spring of 2020, there were interruptions in life-saving medications. In the polyclinic, at the place of residence, the doctor told her that money was not allocated for this medicine.
Several times I had to look for money to buy a medicine that is legally required for cancer patients - for free!
Recently, a poor pensioner turned for help to a charitable organization helping people with cancer diagnostics VRBOO "TOGETHER", because she herself is no longer able to buy medicines and write complaints.
Volunteers opened a fundraiser so that they could buy medicine, at least for the next courses of treatment.
In the future, with the help of journalists, a request will be sent to the supervisory authorities with a request to sort out this case and arrange for the distribution of preferential medicines to the pensioner.
- Unfortunately, in our time, we often have to deal with such situations when cancer patients are denied treatment and examinations. Our volunteers take on such cases, help to competently draw up an appeal and send it to the supervisory authorities.
Many patients who come to us are intimidated, they think that doctors will refuse them treatment. This is not true. As a rule, after appeals, the supervisory authorities help to establish the supply of medicines and reimburse the money already spent on the purchase of essential medicines. - explained Margarita Mishchenko, head of VRBOO "TOGETHER" .
To help a pensioner with oncology, to buy the medicine "Exgiva", for the next treatment, you need to collect 17,000 rubles. You can transfer funds to the bank account of VRBOO "TOGETHER":
Donation details:
Customer name VRBOO "TOGETHER"
account 407 03 810 9 0200 0002577
Yaroslavl Branch of PJSC "PROMSVYAZBANK"
TIN 3327145761,
Correspondent account 301 01 810 3 0000 0000760,
BIK 047888760, check point 332701001
Payment name: "Charitable donation to cancer patients"

Discharge of a cancer patient with the prescribed medicine "Exgiva":
Medication "Exgiva" in the online pharmacy:

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