"Who wanted such a power, where everything is rich and the poor and sick" FIGURES "!?"

10.06.2020 Маргарита Мищенко
Continuation: " # Zapiskionkobloger "
After the call of the head of the clinic of the Vladimir Cancer Center, with a proposal to come for treatment, because My medicines have been waiting for me for a long time, I signed up for a chemotherapist.
Arriving at the reception, the doctor suggested that I be treated with one of the drugs that is prescribed in the treatment regimen from the Oncology Center. Blokhin, because they didn’t have a second medicine . But about this trick, I was also heard from friends.
The scheme is this: an oncological patient is offered to start treatment with one of the prescribed medicines, and they promise to start administering the second medicine when they buy it, and this continues until the patient either dies or writes complaints again.
I decided to go all the way, remember I wrote earlier that I promised the Lord that either I will die or I will survive and I will fight for the rights and proper treatment of cancer patients and seriously ill patients, for compliance with the law !!!
I replied to the doctor that I was not going to be treated with one of the drugs, because this violates the treatment regimen. Then the doctor gave me to sign a statement stating that I was refusing alternative treatment.
Friends, see how everything is thought out there, what a scheme for deceiving cancer patients!
Doctors of the Vladimir Oncology Center refuse me one of the drugs prescribed in the federal oncology center and say that they offered me an alternative!
And I signed a paper declining the treatment I was offered. The chemotherapist said that in this case, you need to wait another week for the medicine to be delivered. And I returned a week later, but by that day there was no medicine either, the doctor again began to persuade me to start treatment with one of the drugs, I refused again, and again I was asked to sign a refusal of alternative treatment !!!

In the photo below, I place PET CT examinations that I completed the day before at the Oncology Center. Flea. With such multiple foci affected by cancer (Lymphoma of Hodgkin), in the Vladimir Oncology Center, I was refused treatment for half a year:

So with us , I don’t even know how to say it, the word "MYSTERY" for cancer patients will probably come up. Do you think I’m the only one like that, oncologists full of such people daily begging for medication, because all directions come from above, from the chief doctors, and to the chief doctors from the health department, and from the Ministry of Health there. This chain is not difficult to trace. There would be a desire to unravel this “snake” tangle, the question is that everyone is happy with everything, and ordinary people suffer, which officials do not care about , because it is labor, we are just SCOT!
Of course, they, as they say "their yes to our" cancer patients find all the drugs without question. And I say this firsthand, but on the example of my friend.
Recently, she was diagnosed with oncology, I won’t go into details. She decided not to tempt fate, and immediately turned to her boss for help. And because this boss had connections and friendships with the head doctor of the oncology center, he personally turned to the head doctor with a request: "to treat my friend in the best way!" She immediately, the next day, without bursts of 2-3 weeks (like me and mere “mortals”) was put on treatment, immediately I found good medicines and painkillers and antiemetics for every taste and color.
And take my treatment example! A simple ordinary citizen of the Russian Federation, I have been ill with oncology since I was 15 years old, it is clear from the above how I have to undergo treatment, how I fight for the medicines prescribed to me under the law of the Russian Federation - FOR FREE !!! And exactly the same struggle is waged by many other citizens of the Russian Federation - suffering from oncology. But not everyone can wage such a struggle, the majority have no strength, no time, no money!
Since I have recently been a volunteer of the Russian Federation helping cancer patients, they often turn to me for help from cancer patients. Recently, the mother of a cancer patient asked a child, they were prescribed at the Moscow Cancer Center, undergo weekly costly tests, and take medication. So mom asked for help, because doctors refused medications and tests. She talked with the head physician of the local clinic, and the head physician replied that these drugs were not available, and if she wrote complaints, her son would not be treated at all !!!
So compare how and with whom are we treated?
Who wanted such a government, where everything is rich and the poor and sick “FIGURES” !? When will people come to power who will take care of their people, and not about stuffing their pockets with money, so that they will be enough for 7 generations ahead, for their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren !?
Where are our current authorities, does anyone know? I don’t already know what needs to be done so that we are heard that I just didn’t do anything, wrote complaints to different authorities, gave interviews to journalists who distorted the information every time.
Nobody wants to see the suffering of the common people, or rather, the authorities do not want to see, because everything is fine with them!
What needs to be done so that the authorities become ill, so that they feel all my suffering and pain, through which I had to go through, and through which hundreds of cancer patients in Russia pass through every day who are denied medication !?
That's all for today! Life goes on, we will continue to fight!
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