Solve your problems yourself

18.05.2020 Маргарита Мищенко
"Solve your problems yourself!"
So once, an employee of our Vladimir Department of Health answered me when I turned to her for help.
I was undergoing chemotherapy in Vladimir, according to the scheme prescribed in the Federal Cancer Center. Blokhin Moscow. The scheme was that every 3 courses of chemotherapy, I had to undergo a PET CT scan. According to the law of the Russian Federation, treatment and examination of cancer patients should be free of charge. But I ran into corruption at the Vladimir Cancer Center.
At the end of the course of treatment, the chemotherapist told me that I should raise money for a PET CT scan. I asked: "How much is required?" The doctor replied: "About 50,000 rubles, but if you do not need a check, then in the region of 45,000 rubles."
I was in a completely helpless state. I had the 3rd stage of malignant cancer, I practically didn’t go, severe pain prevented me from moving, my husband took care of me for a year now, because of this he had no opportunity to work, a lot of time and money went for long and expensive examinations. As a result, the money simply ran out, and there was no way to earn money. Had to borrow a little from friends, until good times. But my husband and I understood that good times, with our medicine, may not come!
By the way, painkillers also did not give me. When I was put in the chemotherapy department, as I already wrote, severe pains did not allow me to move freely. The doctor prescribed to take pills for pain - Ketorol, but they did not help either. Then I crawled to the office of the head of the chemotherapy department and asked her for some other painkillers. To which I received the answer: "We have no other painkillers, increase the dose of Ketorol!" I began to take more, but the situation did not change, then I had to study my problem and alternative methods of treating pain.
In the end, I found a way out on my own! With the help of alternative medicine, I was able to temporarily drown out the pain, along with Ketorol. A little later, when I was receiving an appointment with an oncologist in Moscow, the doctor, learning that I was taking Ketorol, told me that this medicine, in large quantities, is dangerous to take for the hematopoietic system !!!
So, returning to the beginning of the conversation, in order to continue treatment, I had to find 50,000 rubles for the passage of PET CT. The only option for me was to collect money from people. What I did! I began to describe my situation and post articles on the Internet, asking for help.
Fortunately, many people responded. But also, local media drew attention to my articles. I received a call from a journalist from Komsomolskaya Pravda and asked: "Why are you asking for money for a CT scan, which you have for free with your diagnosis of oncology?"
Honestly, this statement took me by surprise. It turned out that I was deceiving people by giving them false information.
I explained to the journalist that my attending oncologist, Vladimir Cancer Center, said to raise money for PET CT. To which the journalist replied that she called the Director of the Department of Health of the Vladimir region. (at that time, this post was held by comrade Kiryukhin A.V.) and found out that I, and generally all patients with cancer, should be examined for PET CT free of charge.
My joy had no end and edge! I am still grateful to the journalist from Komsomolskaya Pravda for the fact that thanks to her I was able to undergo PET CT, as it should be according to the law for cancer patients of the Russian Federation. Later, I wrote an appeal to the Ministry of Health stating that the doctors of the Vladimir Oncology Center suggested that I be examined for a fee, but no measures were taken by the Ministry. And as far as I know from patients with whom I am acquainted with treatment at the cancer center, they underwent examinations for a fee.
Later, when I began to recover more or less, I began to study our laws and regulations on free medicine in the Russian Federation.
And I had a question: “Why do doctors offer seriously ill patients to undergo the required free examinations and treatment at their own expense?”
I found only one answer: "Maybe it's all about management, because doctors are given instructions from above ?!"
So think about who and how governs our country !!!
Good morning to all!

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