"The prosecutor's office to help you!"

02.06.2020 Маргарита Мищенко
Continuation: " # Zapiskionkobloger "
I continue to tell my story of oncology treatment at the Vladimir Cancer Center!
After six months of waiting for the drugs prescribed to me at the Federal Center for Oncology. Blokhin, kind people told me that I should contact the prosecutor's office.
At that time, I did not know anything about where to turn for help, I naively thought that for half a year they bought me medicines!
When my new acquaintances began to tell their stories about how they sought medicines, I understood that something was wrong with the purchase of my medicine, and when I came from a friend from the health department of Vladimir Region. I found out that my name is not in the lists at all, and here I did not know what to think.
How can this be in a legal country, why do officials "sit" there, excuse me, "wipe the chairs" with their backs, "compose" these laws, get their salaries with five zeros !? People, why all this !?
Just to create the appearance of the current government.
And when we are citizens of the Russian Federation, people in need, pensioners and patients, we turn to the state for the help we need, they simply ignore us.
And look how cunning there, everything is built, they do not refuse you, they simply ignore you, as in my case! I was told to go wait, and I went to wait, but how long to wait and what to wait for is not clear !!! And such incomprehensible failures, throughout the country, are happening every day apparently invisibly.
So when will the authorities begin to work and see that the common Russian people suffer? When will the authorities begin to pay attention to us and help ???
I think with such an approach to business as "ignoring people" - NEVER !!!
So I will continue my story.
I began to write appeals with requests as soon as possible to me to begin the prescribed treatment !!!
In the Department of Health, I have already referred the statement, personally to the director of the department, comrade Kiryukhin A.V. , and experience has shown that he did nothing to help me.
Then there was a small choice - these are the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the Prosecutor's Office (I attach the photo of the response letters to this article).

I sent a letter to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation describing everything that I had to go through both about the statement to the director of the health department and about the commission at the cancer center, on which I was promised to buy medicines, and about the fact that after six months of waiting, my last name wasn’t preferential drug purchase lists.
Good people, you won’t believe what was happening. My statements began to bear fruit!
A week later, the deputy called me. Director of Health Vlad.obl. (at that time, Elena Ovchinnikova held this position). She asked me in an irritated voice: "What do you want from Alexander Viktorovich (meaning Kiryukhin)"?
Hearing this, I was in shock! Here are those on !!! Hello, we arrived !!!
I spent the whole night writing by hand my complaint, on 8 sheets, personally handed it over to Comrade Kiryukhin, we had a nice conversation, he promised to help !!! And then I hear this: "What do I want from him ???"
Honestly, I did not know what to answer, because I haven’t communicated with her personally before, but she, probably, as the deputy director of the regional health department, should be aware of such matters ??? Or do they not communicate with each other there?
In general, I gathered my thoughts so as not to be rude to her, and said that Comrade Kiryukhin, personally, promised to help me with medicines !!!
She began to assure me that she would take care of my business and solve it as soon as possible!
I caught myself thinking that I had already heard such promises, and thought that I was starting "Deja Vu"!
Of course, taught by experience, I did not believe in these words. And as Elena Ovchinnikova promised, she never called back.
Meanwhile, the Prosecutor's Office of the Vladimir Region took up my business!

And after a while I was called by the head of the clinic of the oncology dispensary Vlasova Irina Evgenievna, who 6 months ago, at a commission in the oncology center, promised to add my name to the list for the purchase of medicines as soon as possible.
She said that they had already bought me the medicine, and that they should soon be coming to the oncology dispensary, and in the meantime I had to go to the chemotherapist's appointment.
I was delighted, thinking that everything, my struggle was over, finally my treatment and recovery would begin!
But I will talk about this in the next article.
To be continued.
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Good to all zdorovichka!
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