"Whoever wants to, and rolls!"

22.05.2020 Маргарита Мищенко
As I already described in a previous article, I easily managed to get out of the predicament that developed around me during oncology treatment. The doctors of the Vladimir Oncology Center put forward an ultimatum to me.
Or pay 50,000 rubles for an examination, or go die from cancer, because further treatment could be prescribed only after undergoing a PET CT scan.
But, as the future showed, this was only the beginning of all my adventures and torments, in the process of undergoing treatment for oncology !!!
So, I was safely given a free PET CT scan at the Oncology Center. Blokhina, Moscow, after I wrote a complaint to the Ministry of Health !!! Then the worst began.
The fact is that in the oncology center them. Blokhin, I was sent by the doctors of the Vladimir Oncology Center, after 13 courses of chemotherapy, which did not lead to positive results. Let me remind you that I am being treated for a malignant cancer of Hodgkin's lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system).
As a result, the oncologists refused to conduct further treatment and sent me to a consultation in Moscow.
In the oncology center them. Blokhin, I got an appointment with an oncohematologist, who, after studying the treatment I went through, was very surprised ?!
He was surprised that I had been treated for more than a year, according to chemotherapy regimens that did not match the treatment of Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
And it seemed strange to him that in my extracts from the Vladimir Oncology Center there was a diagnosis: “Unconfirmed Hodgkin Lymphoma” (see photo of discharge with a diagnosis below).

The doctor asked me: “And how could you be treated with such medicines without a confirmed diagnosis? And why didn’t you follow up with what and why they treat you?”
Honestly, I was confused. After all, I do not have a medical education. And I asked the doctor: "Now what do I need to finish the medical academy for an oncologist to follow the course of treatment?" To which, he replied: - "It's never too late !!!"
And these were the “golden words”, it was then that I realized that if I did not take control of the treatment into my own hands, then our Vladimir oncologists would heal me to death!
Since then, I began to study and read a lot about oncology.
Further, in the oncology center them. Blokhin, I had to re-examine to confirm the diagnosis. This required some cash costs, less than 50,000, but the amount for a cancer patient who has been unemployed for more than a year is also significant.
At that moment, I had acquaintances who knew about my problem and from time to time I resorted to their help, because from the state, as before, I did not receive anything. According to the rules, they should have given me disability, but at that time I had difficulty moving, and the therapist at the place of residence said that in order to register a disability group, I had to go through all the doctors myself. But this was unrealistic, and I was still left without the means of coexistence.
Not enough for anything, neither for food, nor for rent, nor for treatment. When the whole story of PET CT started, the good people advised me to write a statement to the Ministry of Health regarding the fact that I do not have the funds to conduct PET CT. And only then, after the complaint, the head physician of the polyclinic No. 1 of Vladimir, who I belong to at the place of residence, called me and asked my husband to come to the clinic to help arrange a disability group.
AND! Oh my God! A miracle happened! My situation improved slightly, I began to receive a disability pension of the 2nd group of 5,200 rubles (this year they indexed up to 5,600 rubles). Of course, I still can’t do a PET CT scan with this money, but enough for food. The rent is still not enough.
When applying for a pension in a pension fund, I was told that a person with a 2nd group was compensated for a rent of 50%. But it turned out to be a hoax, in fact, my compensation is no more than 30%. Later, I went to the social protection center and tried to find out the answer to the question: "What kind of disabled people are compensated for utilities?" The answer was inaccurate, something like this: "Different organizations compensate for utilities in different ways." Those. we conclude that the state does not monitor tariffs, whoever wants to and tosses and turns! Although earlier, in the good old days, people with disabilities paid 50% of the cost of utilities.
Good morning to all!
P./S .: Follow my articles on the website: https://medicfatal.com
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