Pathologist's report and cause of death

31.07.2020 Олесь
I represent the conclusion of the pathologist with the established direct cause of death from a lack of blood (the pathologist wrote - "the immediate cause of death of the patient was post-hemorrhagic anemia").
The term posthemorrhagic anemia means a noticeable lack of blood in the human body. BUT experts refute this with their false and falsified examinations. They fail to substantiate this by legal methods, so they go for forgery, and along with them the investigators of the Investigative Committee of Saratov. Oh, there is a great desire to "grease" the murderers from criminal responsibility.

Below is an extract from a postmortem examination by T.T. Klychbaev. with the established fact of a colossal shortage of blood, from which my mother died.
pathological examination
Death from a lack of blood was confirmed by an examination carried out in St. Petersburg.

But the investigators have their own point of view on the laws of Russia. There is a direct cause of death from a lack of blood, but at the same time, experts write that the blood volume has been completely replenished. Like this?.
According to the physiological data of blood, these are fatal conditions. It was the attending doctors who did not inject the blood volume, and it was the doctor Alekseev in his shift, who testified that with the strongest anemia of the 3rd most severe degree, he also reduced the volume of infusion of blood preparations (and according to the medical card, he did not infuse anything at all during 16 hours before death.

Below are extracts from honey. cards of my mother with the data of the most severe 3rd degree of shock upon admission to the hospital and sent to the morgue.
degree of shock
What kind of treatment can we talk about if 16 hours did not provide any assistance for the 3rd most severe and fatal degree of shock.
The fact that the 3rd degree of shock ends in death was said in her order by the Minister of Health of Russia, T.A. Golikova.
Ministry of Health order
The criteria says:
6.2. Harm to health, dangerous to human life, causing a disorder of the vital functions of the human body, which cannot be compensated by the body on its own and usually ends in death :

6.2.1. shock of severe (III-IV) degree; ( On admission, my mother had grade 3 shock and was sent to the morgue with grade 3 shock . It was the doctors who did not treat the shock )

6.2.3. acute, profuse or massive blood loss; ( My mom had a blood loss of the 3rd and 4th most severe fatal severity)

6.2.5. acute renal or acute hepatic, or acute adrenal insufficiency, severe, or acute pancreatic necrosis ; (According to medical tests, my mom has 4 times higher blood urea than normal values. That is, the kidneys died from low blood pressure and urea went into the blood. Blood pressure 40/60)

My mother had these fatal conditions, which were not treated by the doctors, according to their professional duties, and they were documented in the medical history and expert examinations.
The so-called treatment was carried out in exactly the opposite way:
1. Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation of April 2, 2013 N 183n "On approval of the rules for the clinical use of donor blood and (or) its components"
2. Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation of November 25, 2002 N 363 "On approval of the Instructions for the use of blood components."
Failure to follow special rules for treating bleeding led to irreversible consequences and the death of my mother. But experts deny this with false examinations with falsified data . The experts are professors and doctors of science. With a bunch of titles and awards.
But in fact, ordinary criminals, on the principle of mutual responsibility, committing a serious criminal offense to free their fellow murderers from criminal liability.
That is, they don’t care that their colleagues killed a person, don’t care about the laws of Russia and the orders of their own Ministry of Health when it comes to their colleagues, who at all costs need to be “wiped off” from criminal liability.
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