Before she died in the hospital, my mother was tortured

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Don't be surprised by this headline. I accuse the doctors of the city of Marx, Saratov region, for the premeditated murder of my mother under Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
But I also accuse my mother of torturing her before dying. 117 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, clause 2 g, d, f.
I will not write much - only facts.
My mother was dying in this hospital from blood loss, the very last grade 3 blood loss. As the examination determined, there was a shortage of blood over 40%. (no treatment is death !!)
With such a huge blood loss, a very serious loss of water is created. Next, you need to drink a very specific amount of liquid every day.
Since a person loses 1 liter per day for sweat and breathing with a body weight of 80 kg.
For 2 days, my mother was given 1 liter of liquid to drink with continued bleeding. According to human physiology, you need to drink 30 ml of water per 1 kg. body weight per day. That is, if we take 100 kg, this is 100 x 30 = 3000 ml. That is, for 2 days a person must drink at least 6 (SIX LITERS) of water.
That is, my mother's water shortage was so huge that the cells of internal organs began to explode : liver, lungs, etc.

Doctor Alekseev A.E. testified that he deliberately reduced the infusion of drugs with a lethal level of blood loss.
He writes that when the patient asked for a lot to drink, I reduced the infusion of drugs. For what purpose was this done? Yes, just a sadist watched and enjoyed the torment of a man and waited for him to die !!?

I believe that creating a deadly lust and bringing it to death is a monstrous torture of man. In the Kwantung Japanese army, people were deliberately not watered and watched as a person withers and dies - the doctor Alekseev of the Marx Central Regional Hospital of the Saratov Region also wished - he killed my mother and watched as a sadist how she suffered and died.

Below is the evidence:

Testimony of the doctor Alekseev.

Alekseev killer

An extract from the conclusion of the pathologist Klychbaev, where he directly says: the cells of the lungs and liver exploded !!!


Pulmonary edema is the rupture of lung cells from a small pressure of the intercellular fluid and the fluid enters the intercellular space, the cells die and the person inevitably dies ..

Nutmeg liver - liver cells explode from low blood pressure and a small amount of fluid in the body. Liver cells die and the person dies.

That is, the doctor Alekseev deliberately brought my mother to such a state of extreme dehydration. He mocked and killed my mother during the day when there was his shift (his mother died on his shift). I do not know who was the attending physician before Alekseev.

This is how you can easily torture a person in a helpless state inhumanly and then testify about it.
He knows that he does not care about people, since he is not under trial. It will be smeared with false and falsified examinations. And if you can not, then it sdelyut investigators Investigative Committee of Saratov, such as Yulia Demchenko , colonels Skoblikov and Tsybulin.

The norms * of daily water consumption are 40 ml / day / kg, which were provided by the candidate of medical sciences, Saratov medical expert Fisun Alexey Mikhailovich .
According to these data, what the doctors did was just torture and direct death. You don't need any action to kill, you don't need to stand with a knife and kill a person ..
Just do not give a person to drink and eat - and the person himself will die. Moreover, a person is completely dependent on them, since he is in intensive care.

wagnercalculation of water in the body

RF Criminal Code Article 117. Torture
1. Causing physical or mental suffering by systematic beatings or other violent actions , if this did not entail the consequences specified in Articles 111 and 112 of this Code, is punished by restraint of liberty for a term of up to three years, or forced labor for a term of up to three years, or imprisonment for the same period.
2. The same act committed:
d) in relation to a knowingly minor or a person knowingly for the guilty person who is in a helpless state or in material or other dependence on the guilty person, as well as a person who has been kidnapped or taken hostage;
e) with the use of torture ;
f) by a group of persons, by a group of persons by prior agreement or by an organized group;

Note. Torture in this article and other articles of this Code means the infliction of physical or mental suffering in order to compel the testimony or other actions contrary to the will of a person, as well as for the purpose of punishment or for other purposes .

* Literature provided by Saratov expert A.M. Fisun:
"Transfusion therapy for acute blood loss"
Authors: Wagner Evgeny Antonovich, professor, academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences; Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences,

Vladimir Mikhailovich Tavrovsky Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.

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Stepan10 сентября 2020, 13:03
Good luck. They will make such nonsense. That any one-twisted person will believe and accept for the truth. And so I confirm - in intensive care they lie between life and death and due to inadequate assistance. They don't care about people. Relatives have to deal with and shake doctors. In Russia so.