NOT providing medical assistance under Art. 124 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

31.07.2020 Олесь
When my mother entered the Markov Central District Hospital, diabetes was first diagnosed (possibly due to the stress of blood loss or other factors).
And this fatal condition was treated by the doctors of the intensive care unit in exactly the opposite way to the present disease.
Moreover, my mother was NOT examined by a specialist, namely an endocrinologist.
All these actions had an extremely negative effect on my mother's body and, with a colossal lack of blood and fluid, led to her death.

Below is the evidence:

Excerpt from the expertise of St. Petersburg.
The doctors who treated my mother did not treat her newly diagnosed diabetes at all. They treated type 1 diabetes with insulin (according to the WHO classification, this is code E10)
And the examination, carried out in Perm, revealed that my mother had type 2 diabetes (according to the WHO classification, this is the E11 code) , which is not treated with insulin, but is treated with drugs that promote the absorption of insulin.
That is, the fatal disease was not treated with any medications at all during the so-called treatment.
Excerpt from the answers of the experts of the city of Perm, who revealed type 2 diabetes.
The answer of the head physician of the Marksovskaya CRH Parkhonyuk Igor Vadimovich, in which he directly states that my mother was treated with insulin (Actrapid), for type 1 diabetes (insulin-dependent).
And according to the expert opinion, for type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent), it was necessary to use drugs that promote the absorption of insulin. In simple terms, there was enough insulin in the body, but it did not work.

With these factors not curing diabetes, serious complications arose that led to a cascade of pathological reactions and death.
According to the WHO classification of diseases, diabetes is a fatal disease that requires treatment. Without the help of doctors, it always leads to death or serious complications.
My mother's blood glucose level was more than 2 times higher than the norm, that is, it was 200% higher than the norm (a person's norm is 5.5 mmol / l).

According to specialized medical literature, these values lead to severe damage to internal organs, dehydration and death of a person.

My mom's tests (blood sugar values are underlined in red)

Excerpts from specialized medical literature:

blood glucose
As can be seen from the specialized literature, a glucose level of more than 9.5 mmol / l leads to severe dehydration *, life-threatening.
So how can the actions of the attending physicians be justified? - only direct murder and not a desire to save a person !!!!
I have repeatedly submitted these data to the Saratov Investigative Committee, but the investigators completely ignore them.

I do not think that stupid people work in the Saratov SK, just everything has its own explanation. It can only be 2 factors: fear or money. The Investigative Committee goes to great lengths to release the killers from responsibility, even to falsify the data of the preliminary investigation. (Look at the falsifications of investigator Demchenko and Colonel Skoplikov)

Definition of POLYURIA - (Greek πολυ- - "a lot" and οὖρον - "urine") - increased formation of urine. As a result of imbalance in water balance, there is an increase in urine production and urinary frequency.
* DEHYDRATION - (English dehydration): Dehydration - in medicine the same as dehydration of the body.

This explains the death of my mother from dehydration (death with foam at the mouth) and intense thirst according to the testimony of Dr. Alekseev.
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