DIC syndrome is 100% death. Killer doctors deny it all

10.09.2020 Олесь
My mother died of blood loss in the Marksovskaya hospital in the Saratov region. Or rather, she was killed on purpose.
While in this hospital, everything was done to kill my mother as soon as possible.
Mom died after 2 days of torture in the Marksovskaya hospital.
During the so-called treatment, all the rules for treating bleeding approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation were violated. Human physiology was violated. And my mom died.
The fact that the immediate cause of death was a lack of blood in the body, said the pathologist of the Marx hospital Klychbaev T.T.
According to all physiological data, the death of my mother was inevitable.
Doctors tortured my mother, for two days not giving to drink or eat and deprived her of the necessary medicine, from the list of "Vital medicines" approved by the Russian government, signed by Dmitry Medvedev. for an early mortification. And my mother died after 2 days of torture in the Marx Central District Hospital.
Falsified medical examinations were carried out, and also the investigators of the Saratov Investigative Committee falsified the investigation materials to release the murderers from criminal liability.
I have written previous articles about these facts.

In this - I want to cite the physiological data of the human body, in which pathologies incompatible with life arise.

First, the numbers: according to the conclusions of medical examinations, my mother's blood loss was more than 40%, and according to medical data and specialized calculations, more than 50-60%, hematocrit 13.1, hemoglobin 44 g / l.
According to these data and human physiology, my mother developed DIC syndrome (that is, the blood does not clot and continues to flow constantly and the person inevitably dies without specialized assistance)
Nobody helped my mother, and what is more, they aggravated and killed.
But falsified examinations with corrupt experts deny the very fact of this state. Because if he were to be admitted, they would have to admit a direct murder - and this they cannot admit.
The severity of the DIC syndrome lies in the fact that during bleeding, the blood flows and cannot stop, because she lost this function.
To restore it, special medications such as heparin are required. But the doctors didn’t even introduce this drug. they completely deny this fatal condition, which is confirmed by all medical sources and data specified in 2 orders for transfusion assistance of the Ministry of Health of Russia. Lord, how many people have they killed, denying the obvious fact in collusion with the same criminals by medical experts.

Below is the evidence for DIC syndrome that led to unstoppable bleeding and exsanguination of my mom.

DIC syndrome develops with a blood volume deficit of more than 25%. The BCC deficit of more than 40% was confirmed by experts from St. Petersburg.

According to the order of the Ministry of Health of Russia, ICE syndrome always accompanies shock states
prik of the Ministry of Health

My mom's worst grade 3 shock:
That is, according to the criteria of the order of the Ministry of Health of Russia and according to specialized medical literature, DIC syndrome must be present, since it is human physiology. And according to false examinations - there is no this syndrome and no bleeding. BUT MY MOTHER DIED JUST FROM LACK OF BLOOD !!!

Experts have so much believed in their impunity that they don't care about society when they need to exclude their colleagues from criminal liability. All the more so when the investigators themselves falsify with them and participate with them in lawlessness and an organized criminal group.

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Excerpt from the conclusion of the pathologist T.T. Klychbaev, in which he says that death came from a lack of blood.
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