Evidence of the murder of my mother by doctors and the falsity of the medical examination

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My mother died in the Marksovskaya Central Regional Hospital of the Saratov Region on January 14, 2017. And doctors killed my mother for 2 days from 12 to 14 January 2017. Doctors deliberately did everything opposite, human physiology, treatment rules and departmental orders.
I believe that doctors deliberately killed my mother in order to conceal a medical error made on January 12, 2017.

You can read about all the violations and deliberate actions to kill my mother in all my proofs in my profile.

In this article I want to talk about the lies and falsifications in the expert examination carried out in the city of Perm. Experts falsified data, methods for calculating blood loss, used values that did not belong to humans as a species . The data on the severity of the consequences of the degree of blood loss and the data on the treatment protocols were falsified.
In justifying their expertise, the experts provided the literature, which indicated data completely opposite to the conclusions of the experts.
In this article, I cited some evidence of falsification by experts from the Perm Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination (GKUZOT PKBSME) in order to release their fellow murderers from criminal responsibility for the murder of my mother.

In this article, I cite evidence of the crime of experts under Art. 307 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (false expert opinion) based on literature and data provided by the experts themselves.
According to these materials, the premeditated murder of my mother is a proven fact, but the experts on mutual responsibility for the release of fellow killers made a false conclusion.

Mazurkevich G.S., Bagnenko S.F .. Shock: Theory, clinic, organization of anti-shock care / - St. Petersburg: Polytechnic2004. 2004
This book contains data that are completely opposite to the conclusions of the experts. The book says it is necessary to inject blood products in a 7-fold volume, relative to the blood loss that took place.
a guide for doctors
blood volumerescue algorithminfusion volumeneed for infusionstage 3 taskhuman energy deficitinfusionno bleedingsigns of shockdeath of hepatocyteshelp a person According to this book, in the justification of the examination presented by experts:

1) At the first stage, ZERO blood substitutes and blood-replenishing drugs were introduced !!!

2) According to this book, the infusion rate should be 100 ml / min or more (my mother was injected at a rate of 5-8 ml / min and allegedly intravenously).
The experts did not justify such a low infusion rate. On the contrary, it is written in this book that not replenishing blood in the shortest possible time leads to significant complications and death.

3) The physiological need for fluid is necessary
According to this book: 5700 / day x 2 days = 11400 for 2 days. (solutions of 3000 ml were introduced in 2 days.
Experts have provided literature on which the loss of water, as the most important component of life, amounted to more than 7 liters !!

4) According to this book, it was necessary to introduce crystalloids and colloids in a 7-fold excess
It was introduced, according to honey. the card is only 3900 ml.
On what basis did the experts draw conclusions about a sufficient number of infusions of drugs, if, according to the literature presented by them, it was necessary to introduce 700% more solutions and blood products.
This explains the conclusions of the pathologist , who bluntly said that the immediate cause of death was a lack of blood in the body.

5) The brain, as the main consumer of carbohydrates, requires 5 grams of carbohydrates per hour. Ie 230 gr. glucose is only needed for the brain in a 46-hour hospital stay. It was introduced by doctors 120g . That is, a colossal energy deficit was created only for the brain, not counting other organs. Energy deficiency in shock leads to irreversible changes in body tissues.

6) The book says it is necessary to introduce protein. Squirrel my mom entered 0 (ZERO !!)
Plasma is essentially protein preparations, which means this explains the numerous medical requirements and requirements of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, injecting plasma in a multiple size, more than blood loss, since initially, the plasma will be used by the body as protein food.
This explains the mandatory provision in the order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation that in a day the volume of blood (transfusion) returns to its original level.

7) In patients who died from shock, microthrombosis of blood vessels and damage to internal organs and the brain are noted, which develops already in the early stages of shock (my mother has shock of the 3rd largest and most fatal degree upon admission on 01/12/17 and when sent to the morgue on 01/14/17 In case of thrombosis at the 3rd fatal degree of shock, doctors also prescribed several drugs at the same time to form blood clots)

8) Already after 24 hours, with NOT treated shock, the death of hepatocytes occurs (that is, the liver dies from a lack of blood volume and red blood cells (anemia)), and my mother was once diagnosed by a pathologist with a nutmeg liver, i.e. destruction of the liver and death of hepatocytes.
My mother, upon admission, had a shock of the 3rd degree, during the examination by the dignity of aviation i.e. 7 hours after admission, SHOCK HAS INCREASED blood pressure decreased from BP 80/60 to BP 80/40.
They sent me to the morgue with a diagnosis of the greatest shock of the 3rd degree !! (which is a serious harm to health by order of the Minister Golikova) They poured in drugs and there was a drop in blood pressure.
With a lethal level of shock, only after 3 hours they poured 200 grams of blood products, with a blood loss of more than 5 (FIVE) liters !!!!

The book "Pathological physiology of the blood system" Author: Leonova E.V., Chanturia A.V., Vismont F.I. Perm experts refer to this book.

1) The experts provided this book, and the hematocrit data entered 32% in the formula for calculating the volume of blood loss ( these values DO NOT EXIST in humans as a species ).
This falsification was made with one purpose - to free their fellow murderers from criminal liability by professional conspiracy.
This falsification reduces the degree of blood loss. That is, the experts deliberately falsified the physiological data of a person to falsify false conclusions. hematocrit

2) Hypoxia causes fatal disorders, paralysis of vital centers and death of the body. (according to laboratory blood tests, my mother had the most severe hypoxia and the most severe 3rd degree anemia throughout the treatment)
According to a specialized formula for calculating blood loss provided by experts, blood loss was 68.8%, i.e. lost blood volume 8850ml x 63% = 5882ml. blood! And the loss of 950 mg is already an acute post-hemorrhagic anemia.
That is, according to the literature provided by experts, the loss is 5882 ml. blood - this is hyperacute anemia and hypoxia, which directly led to multiple organ failure, and by decree of the Russian government, this is a serious harm to health. A condition ending in death.
The book says “The main meaning belongs to hypoxia, which causes…. paralysis of vital centers and death of the body "


That is, the experts blatantly lied in their expertise. And the lie is completely exposed by the literature presented by them.
In other literature presented, similar data are indicated. That it is necessary to inject at least 200-250% more of the blood loss that took place in order to make up for the loss of blood and compensate for the ongoing bleeding.
In none of the literature (evidence presented) there is no justification for the falsity of the examinations.

Evidence of falsification of the examination and a statement on the prosecution of experts from the Perm Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination (GKUZOT PKBSME) under Art. 307 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and according to Art. 35 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
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