For the death of a person, only 300 thousand. Welcome to kill with impunity

06.10.2020 Сергей Ворошилов
In the Trans-Baikal Territory, for the death of a man, the court exacted from the doctor of the State Institution "Chernyshevskaya Central District Hospital" only 300 thousand rubles of compensation (4 thousand US dollars - a person's life) . The spouse will appeal the verdict.

“Three days before his death, Yuri Gribanov was returning from the mow on a tractor. The tractor fell into a deep hole and the man fell out of the cab and hit hard with his left side. At home, wife Elena Gribanova called a paramedic, who identified a broken rib in the man and said to urgently go to the hospital.
But in the Chernyshevskaya regional hospital, Yuri was examined by the doctor of the Regional Oncological Dispensary of the city of Chita, Alexander Poplavsky, who worked as a surgeon under a contract. The doctor examined the pictures and assured the man that he just had a bruise of the chest and lower back and sent him home.
At the second appointment, the man complained to the doctor about serious ailments, and said that he could not breathe. The doctor suspected pneumothorax, performed a puncture of the left pleural cavity and again sent him home.
As soon as Yuri Gribanov left the clinic, he felt bad.
His wife Elena Gribanova returned to the hospital and asked for help, to which she received an answer from the doctors that her husband should come to them on his own feet. The woman and her son dragged the man to the ambulance station.
Then Elena ran to look for the surgeon Alexander Poplavsky.
By the time the surgeon arrived, Yuri Gribanov was already in an extremely serious condition, resuscitation measures did not give any result. The man died, ”said the human rights center.

Experts from the Main State Center for Forensic Medicine and Forensic Examinations of the Ministry of Defense of Russia found that after a pleural puncture, pleuropulmonary shock developed in the form of impaired activity of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. ribs on the left and development of pneumothorax ”.

According to the experts, the surgeon did not see a rib fracture in the images. And the sharp edges of the ribs damaged the lung tissue, which led to the accumulation of liquid blood in the pleural cavity.
The experts also found that several of the ribs were broken during the chest compressions.
The experts agreed that there is a causal relationship between the lack of medical care and the resulting death from acute respiratory failure. The patient's condition when seeking medical help made it possible to carry out the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic measures aimed at identifying and treating chest trauma.

After the tragic death of the patient, surgeon Alexander Poplavsky moved to the Moscow region, where he works as a doctor in public and private clinics.
The wife of the deceased man asked to recover 5 million rubles of compensation for moral damage for the death of her husband. The court awarded only 300 thousand rubles. The widow intends to appeal this court decision.
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