The doctor wanted to rejuvenate and died at the hands of her colleague

05.06.2020 Сергей Ворошилов
Sophia Snigireva, 62, was a well-known doctor in St. Petersburg. Candidate of Medical Sciences, head of the pediatric department, deputy head doctor of a private clinic. She has been treating children for over 35 years.
In 2007, Snigireva created and headed a pediatric center in the local maternity hospital, and examined children before adoption. Sofia Yakovlevna also worked as a pediatrician in the hospital №2 of St. Mary Magdalene.
Snigireva was not only a great professional in her field, but also a very effective woman. At her age, Sofia Yakovlevna did not look, as she constantly monitored her health and looked after her skin. Another supportive procedure for Snigireva was a circular facelift and blepharoplasty.
There is nothing to worry about - the operation is not particularly complicated and the acquaintance Snigireva took it - an experienced doctor, founder and surgeon of a private clinic in St. Petersburg Guram P.
Guram received Snigireva, who turned to him when the clinic was closed for quarantine due to coronavirus.

After Snigireva died a few days after the operation, it turned out: the clinic did not have permission to conduct such procedures.
“The clinic did not have a license for inpatient care with the profile of“ plastic surgery, ”the woman underwent plastic surgery illegally, without the necessary equipment and conditions, the presence of which is mandatory,” explained in the State Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee in St. Petersburg. - On May 31, she was hospitalized to the hospital, where she died the next day.

It is known that Snigireva became ill when she was at home. The woman developed sepsis, after which her condition worsened sharply. “She died of septic shock with the addition of DIC due to blood loss,” they added to the UK, which is now investigating this tragedy. - The surgeon is detained and gives evidence.
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Adminuss05 июня 2020, 14:44
By coincidence, or maybe not today, 06/05/20 it became known that the surgeon-ripper Alyona Verdi fell into a coma. Verdi is now in intensive care, cannot breathe on her own, so she was connected to an artificial lung ventilation device. The first hearing on Verdi’s case was to be held on June 4, but the hearings were adjourned due to the defendant’s failure to appear. Verdi is accused of seven episodes of providing medical services that did not meet safety requirements and entailed serious harm to health. For four years - from 2015 to 2019 - Verdi mutilated her clients. Some of her patients, whom she sometimes operated on a sofa in the kitchen, remained disabled. On her account there is one dead. In 2017, Verdi performed liposuction for the woman, after 20 hours the patient died. Falsification or not - time will tell.