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29.06.2020 Сергей Ворошилов

In the Moscow region, in the Vidnovsky department of the Investigative Committee, more than a year after the girl’s death, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal investigation into the death of 21-year-old Marina Zhurko, a group I disabled person.
Doctors of the Vidnovsky Regional Clinical Hospital are suspected of causing death by negligence due to improper performance of professional duties (part 2 of article 109 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). A forensic medical examination is currently scheduled.

On October 16, Marina Zhurko was at home with her mother. Toward evening, she began to complain of chills - her temperature rose to 38.8 ° C. Alina called an ambulance for her daughter. According to her, the ambulance arrived quickly. Marina was taken to the Vidnovsky Clinical Hospital, where she was examined by the doctor on duty Maximov. According to Alina, the physician did not approach her daughter for a long time, and the examination was carried out very quickly, saying that they "were not for him."

A cardiologist passing by, according to the mother of the deceased, waved her hand and said: "They already watched it." Later, the nurse brought the girl's tests - there was an increased white blood cell count in the blood. And the doctors thought that Marina had a common cold, and the cramps, disorientation, and other symptoms were caused by the “underlying disease.” As a result, the girl was prescribed outpatient treatment.

On the evening of October 17, Marina became very ill. She was lost in the room, could not find the bathroom, stumbled and fell. Her mother continued to give her prescribed medications, but nothing helped. By October 20, the girl’s condition continued to deteriorate, constant cramps in her legs began.

Then Marina’s mother again decided to call an ambulance. According to her, she called, rather, "from hopelessness" - then she was already disappointed in the doctors, because she had repeatedly encountered their indifference. This time Marina was hospitalized in the hospital.

Alina spent near her daughter on October 20 and 21. Returning to her on October 22, she saw that she was lying on a pillow in her own vomit and was breathing very hard. The only thing Marina was able to say: "I can’t do it like that anymore."

The girl’s mother, Alina ran to the duty officer, she assured her that "nothing happens, go home." But in the end, Marina was transferred to intensive care. Doctors revealed her pneumonia and connected the girl to the mechanical ventilation system, for a long time she was unconscious.

After a couple of days, the doctors of the Vidnovskaya RCH informed Alina Zhurko that her daughter's condition was getting worse - her kidneys were failing, and there was a risk of sepsis. There is no hemodialysis apparatus (for extrarenal blood purification in acute and chronic renal failure) in the hospital, so it was recommended to take the girl to MONIKI. To speed up the process, Zhurko was told to call Viktor Ivanovich Barsuk, the head physician of the Vidnovskaya hospital. He six times dropped the call, and when he nevertheless went to the phone, he answered rudely that he was busy.

Then Alina turned to the ombudsman for human rights, they listened to her there and promised to help. As a result, an hour later they drove the reanimobile and took Marina for hemodialysis to MONIKI.

At the clinical institute, the doctors clarified the patient’s diagnosis for two days. The girl’s condition only worsened.

On October 30, the doctor told her mother that improvement was planned, and Marina even began to open her eyes. However, on the same day, the girl died. The immediate cause of death was cerebral edema and multiple organ failure syndrome.

A criminal case was opened on the fact of the death of Marina Zhurko, an independent examination was scheduled, which would establish a causal relationship between the actions of the doctors and the death of the girl. Legal assistance to Alina Zhurko is provided by the human rights organization Zona Prava.

On October 31, the day after the death of Marina Zhurko, Larisa Voloshchuk, deputy chief physician of the Vidnovskaya Clinical Hospital, published an open letter to the Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Doctors.RF social network.
She sharply criticized the activities of her immediate supervisor Viktor Barsuk. She says that the chief physician of the hospital did not prioritize the provision of qualified medical care, but to make a profit.
After this publication, the commission of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation began an audit, and Barsuk was removed from his post, and then dismissed.
open letter

The Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region added that they are waiting for the results of the work of law enforcement agencies in the Zhurko case, and if necessary are ready to take “additional decisions”.

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