After visiting the hospital, the woman had a broken face and knocked out teeth

18.10.2020 Сергей Ворошилов
The police find out what happened to the woman on the way to the medical facility and why, upon returning from the hospital, she was beaten and without her front teeth.

At night, 32-year-old Yekaterinburg woman Anastasia developed severe seizures, similar to an epileptic seizure. The husband called an ambulance. When the brigade arrived, the woman was conscious, she went to the car herself. In the morning, when her husband found her in Central Clinical Hospital No. 20 in Yekaterinburg, her face was broken and her teeth were knocked out.

Anastasia's husband Victor says: “On the night from Saturday to Sunday, my wife felt bad in her sleep. Something similar to convulsions.
She could not breathe, I opened my mouth, pulled out her tongue. This happened for the first time, we called an ambulance.
The doctors came and said that, most likely, there was nothing wrong. We need to observe further - perhaps this is an isolated case, this will not happen again. We did not go to the hospital, but a few hours later there was a new attack. After that, the wife was admitted to the hospital.
I accompanied my wife to the elevator and returned home. I couldn't go to the hospital for her, I stayed at home with a small child. In the morning, my wife did not answer phone calls. Through the information desk, I found out that she was taken to the 20th hospital.
Later, the wife finally got in touch. She said that she did not remember what happened to her at night. She only remembers how she was waiting in the emergency room when she was received. Then she woke up in a ward tied to a bed. The fact that she was fixed, tied to the bed, can be explained: so that she does not injure herself if the attack starts again. And why the whole face was bruised, no front teeth, no one could explain to me.
Central Clinical Hospital 20 said that she was brought with such injuries from the 36th city trauma hospital. I went there, they showed me all the magazines and my wife was not written there. "

After that, Victor wrote a statement to the police.

The doctors at the Central Clinical Hospital # 20 were told that the wife had been brought in this state from the 24th mountains. hospitals. Victor went to the 24th hospital. But it turned out that she had been quarantined for several months due to the coronavirus.
Nobody says what happened to his wife: they beat him up, got into an accident on the way to the hospital, or she fell ... Victor does not understand why the doctors blatantly lie, what they did to his wife in a helpless state?

The Yekaterinburg police are now figuring out what happened to the woman.

A physician at one of the Yekaterinburg ambulance substations, on condition of anonymity, agreed to comment on the case. According to him, the woman could not be delivered with such injuries to the Central Clinical Hospital No. 20.

Since there is an instruction: for any injuries and hematomas, take only to the trauma department. This is tightly controlled. That is, if something happened in the ambulance, no team would take the patient to the 20th hospital, but only to the trauma department. So what happened? Why the woman was beaten and lost her front teeth. We hope the authorities will sort it out and the criminals will be punished.
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