After the operation, they left the catheter, there were blood clots, but the doctors still prescribed

04.09.2020 Сергей Ворошилов
After the operation at Pavel Adullin, who is 56 years old, doctors left a tube in his body, and then lost it.

Pavel's wife Natalya Adulina says: “My husband felt bad on March 30 right on the street. He fainted from pain, and then called to work and asked for help.
He said that his side hurts. They called an ambulance, the ambulance took him to the emergency room, where they gave him painkillers and said that there were no places in the hospital. The next day my husband felt bad again, we called an ambulance, which stopped the attack, and then sent him to the clinic №2. There my husband was sent to a paid clinic to have an ultrasound scan.
All this time, the husband suffered terribly from pain and almost could not walk. For the next two days he lived exclusively on painkillers, and after a complaint he was again invited to the clinic for a consultation.
The ambulance said to seek a hospital. Then, after my complaints to the insurance company, the head of the therapeutic department of the Akhmetyanova polyclinic called to appoint a consultation of doctors for April 2.
At the consultation, the husband again had a seizure, but the surgeon Shirobokov said that the husband simply had gases.
Based on the results of the conversation, it was decided to do a second ultrasound scan and get tested. It turned out that the tests were very bad, he was urgently hospitalized in the surgical department. On April 2, he was hospitalized, on April 7, surgeon Gazinur Kuvandykov came out and performed an operation on my husband on the 8th.

After the operation, Kuvandykov hinted more than once that some kind of reward was needed for the operation, and on April 15 he admitted that he had left a 25-centimeter tube inside, to remove which a special drug had to be bought. After the introduction of the drug for ultrasound, the woman says, the tube was never found. From 15 to 20 April, the husband, suffering from pain and bleeding, waited for the operation to be performed.
Surgeon Kuvandykov said that the tube went up and reached the kidney. After that, my husband was constantly bleeding, everything came out in clots, but he was still discharged from the Ishimbay hospital, having written that he was in a satisfactory condition. However, with a perforation of the ureter and a foreign body, they were taken to Ufa, the operation took place on the 21st, despite the threat of inflammation of the abdominal region, which could lead to death. "
a patient Natalya Adullina, collects documents for filing in court in order to recover moral damage. The Ministry of Health of Bashkiria reported that Gazinur Kuvandykov was reprimanded for incorrect communication and behavior.
Currently, the doctor has resigned of his own free will, and as he told the editorial staff, "he does not work anywhere."
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