About the First University Clinic. Or how to make millions out of fear

25.08.2020 Сергей Ворошилов
About the First University Clinic. Or millions are not saved from death, when no one cares about impunity.

It all started with stomach pains. Elena's husband, a leading researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences, was brought by an ambulance to the First University Clinic. The doctors assured him that they would get him back on his feet quickly, but two weeks later Alexey Plate fell into a coma and died.
Elena Plate says - "We paid about 2.3 million rubles. This money was taken from us for negligence, for illiteracy, for a ruthless attitude towards a sick person"
An autopsy showed Alexey Plate died due to a detached blood clot, although he was treated for poisoning.

Story 2:
Ruslana's mom also ended up in the same clinic. She was hospitalized with pain in the hip joint. And death came due to cardiac arrest.
Son Ruslan says: “36 hours have passed, 200 thousand rubles have been spent, no help was provided, my mother, who was talking and could move, just went to bed. As a result, I found out that she was simply stabbed at the reception, put on a diaper, and that's it. The man lies and sleeps, and the money goes "

All patients ended up in the hospital in the same way: they felt bad, their relatives called a private ambulance, and on the way they were convinced that they could only help here.
Further, the relatives were told: your loved one became worse, they need to be transferred to intensive care. Payment of 150 thousand rubles per day.
clinic "As a result of the last inspection of this private hospital, facts of violation of the procedure for providing medical care to patients with cancer and acute cerebrovascular accidents were revealed," said Elena Balandina, assistant to the head of the territorial body of Roszdravnadzor in Moscow and the Moscow region.

For gross violations of the rules for providing assistance, the capital's Roszdravnadzor sealed the intensive care unit and anesthesiology.
After a series of stories about the First University Clinic on the Russia 24 channel, the Investigative Committee decided to check it.
Maria Kargina, assistant to the head of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Moscow, says: - "Based on the facts stated in the news report of the federal TV channel, a pre-investigation check has been organized."
Investigators have already checked this clinic and even initiated a criminal case. After Elvira Nadzharova refused to give her sister there.
Veronica had cancer. In Krasnodar, her case was declared hopeless, and the doctors of the First University Clinic in Moscow promised to help. Further, the scheme is standard - resuscitation and space accounts.
Elvira says - “They called me every 5-10 minutes and actually extorted money, I was told that neither the documents nor my sister would be given to me”.
After the scandal, the First University Hospital went underground.
The relatives of the deceased patients want to bring the clinic's management to justice. And they insist on its complete closure.
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