- "Maryam, you need to read better." Or how they killed a baby, but no one cares

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Due to direct medical negligence, the baby died. But no one was punished.

Here is the story of the grandmother of the deceased, Andryusha Davydov Svetlana Vladimirovna and his mother Alina:

The nightmare for the Davydov family began on October 21, 2019: the teacher called from the garden and said that Andrey vomited. Mom Alina immediately rushed over and took her son home.

- "Until Wednesday, Andryusha stayed at home. The temperature rose to 37.5 only on the first day. There were minor digestive upsets. But his appetite did not disappear, Andryusha was vigorous. And on Wednesday evening, after he ate a banana, for some reason- Then again vomited. We decided to play it safe and called an ambulance. The doctors who arrived grumbled why bothering in vain. The child is all right, there is no acute condition, no temperature, "contact the district pediatrician."
the boy was killed by doctors But my mother still insisted that they be taken to the hospital.

- We were examined by a doctor, took only one analysis - a smear and immediately sent us to IVs. The first jar of glucose was dripped for Andryusha normally, nothing bothered the child. And when the bottles on the dropper were changed, something terrible began to happen to my son. He cried, screamed. I got scared, called the nurse. But the nurse Ilyasova Maryam looked and left with the words: "It's okay." I was alone with my son in the office and did not know what to do. And Andrei's eyes began to roll, his lips turned blue and he lost consciousness. Then I shouted to the whole hospital: "Help!"
Then for the first time I heard: "Maryam, you need to read better"
A nurse came running, immediately took the needle out of the child's handle and ran away again. The doctor on duty appeared. And after some more time, and resuscitation. I was kicked out of the treatment room. Everyone was running around, fussing. Then for the first time I heard: "Maryam, you need to read better."
I did not really understand what it was about then.

Then a doctor came to me and said that Andryusha had died. Just now we were sitting together and watching cartoons, and then he died.
And the paramedics added: "You can go home, you are free"
I could not believe my ears, I felt very bad, everything was in a fog.
And the paramedics added: "You can go home, you are free." All. No papers, they didn't give me anything. Not even a banal valerian was offered. Nothing! I went where my eyes would look.

Halfway there, the woman was met by her mother, Irina Lebedeva. And thank God, otherwise what would have happened to Alina in such a state is incomprehensible.
- We went back to the hospital. - I began to demand to name the cause of death of my grandson. A doctor came to us for a minute and said that he did not understand why the child had died.
The nurse gave out a package with Andryusha's things through the crack in the door.
- The next day I went to the hospital with my son Denis (the child's father), but no one came to us. They said there was no leadership - neither the head physician, nor the head of the department. "Come later." When? We need to bury the boy, we need certificates.
Through a crack in the door, the nurse handed out a bag with Andryusha's things - and that was all. No apology, no explanation, no support. We wrote applications to the department, to the 1st City Clinical Hospital, demanded to give us information about the treatment carried out - we still have not received an answer. The hospital also ignored the request of Roszdravnadzor, for which it was even fined.
After our repeated statements, the head of the Investigative Committee for the Ivanovo Region, Major General Bulaev, personally connected to our case, the materials were transferred to the investigation department of especially important cases, investigator Fyodor Pochernikov, who very carefully took up the investigation.
Having picked up all the procurement documents, he was able to prove that on that day in the hospital there was potassium chloride in the same containers.

He interrogated everyone who was on shift that day, and one of the witnesses even told him that nurse Maryam had confused the bottles, and the container with potassium chloride was hidden.
facts of attribution, crossing out, tearing out of sheets by a doctor in order to hide a crime in his own defense

He obtained another forensic examination of medical documents, which confirmed the facts of attribution, crossing out, and tearing out of sheets by a doctor in order to conceal the crime in his own defense.
But that was not all. Most importantly, a commissioned forensic medical examination was appointed. And they spent it in Tyumen. As a result, experts came to the conclusion that Andryusha's death came precisely because of the introduction of potassium chloride.
As a result, experts came to the conclusion that Andryusha's death came precisely because of the introduction of potassium chloride.
As a result, the charges of "causing death by negligence as a result of improper performance by a person of his professional duties" were brought against the nurse Ilyasova Maryam . “While in the treatment room… I was not convinced of the name of the drug she had taken from the cabinet and connected a glass bottle with a 5% potassium chloride solution to the intravenous infusion system installed by AD Davydov, actually confusing this bottle with a similar one”.

And to the attending physician Stanislav Valentinovich Melnikov , who "did not prescribe a biochemical blood test and a blood test to determine the acid-base balance, as a result of which he mistakenly determined the severity of this disease ... and unreasonably made the decision to prescribe infusion therapy." On the conscience of the doctor is the fact that he did not control the actions of the nurse.
drunk killer
- In September 2020, the investigation was almost completed. The case was signed by the accused party. Before the first hearing, the judge proposed to formalize a failure to appear or close the case, allegedly because it is now impossible to get materials from the IC.
We did not understand anything, and immediately went to the investigator. Pochernikov met us and said that from that day on we had another investigator.
And the new one said that while the transfer of the case to the prosecutor's office was delayed, it was necessary to wait for something else there.
And now it turns out: it turns out that the doctor Stanislav Melnikov wrote a petition to the Investigative Committee stating that he could not participate in investigative actions, since he has a serious illness - an organic personality disorder .
And this so-called disease arose against the background of alcohol addiction! But Alina even then told us that the doctor seemed to her somehow strange and with the smell of alcohol. At the same time, until recently, he worked in the hospital as the head of the children's infectious diseases department !

- And the nurse successfully graduated from the Ivanovo Medical Academy and is now studying further at a research institute in Moscow. Hope to become a doctor. Everything is being done so that the perpetrators evade responsibility.
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