Kuvandykov, one might even say so, he killed my mother. I didn't succeed, I didn't manage to save, although I cried and called the hotline

04.09.2020 Сергей Ворошилов
About the surgeon of the Ishimbay Central District Hospital Gazinur Kuvandykov, who are accused by local residents of negligence and unethical behavior.
death charge Daughter Elena A. from Sterlitamak believes that her mother, 70-year-old Tamara M., died in the hospital due to the fault of this doctor (the last name is hidden, as investigative actions are currently being carried out)
According to her daughter, her mother was admitted to the hospital with kidney disease, but after two operations performed by Kuvandykov, she died.
Although I cried and called the hotline
The daughter says - "Doctor Kuvandykov, one might even say so, he killed my mother. I did not succeed, I could not save, although I cried and called the hotline .
My mother had a fever for two months, at first he removed her kidney, but the temperature still kept, then he removed the ureter. After the second operation, she began to walk badly, but her temperature was still maintained. Then histology showed cancer, so Kuvandykov did not send to the RCH, but said that she had oncology and needed to be taken to the oncology center, but it was impossible because of the temperature. "

With tests from the hospital, daughter Elena went to the oncology center, where the doctors said that your mother would die not from oncology, but from inflammation, so she needs to be urgently hospitalized at the Kuvatov Republican Clinical Hospital.

Elena says, "Somehow with tears, I put her in the hospital, then they performed an operation in Ufa and said that the vessels were damaged near the ureter , which is why she began to walk badly. vascular surgery, but it was too late, the thrombus came off in intensive care, and this was due to an abscess. And my mother died in the hospital on September 12 " charge of the surgeon Elena also said that after the first operation, the surgeon hinted at a monetary reward. According to her, he addressed this question to both the mind and her husband. And when Elena called the hotline of the Ministry of Health, Kuvandykov stopped letting her into the ward and began to speak rudely.

According to the chief physician of the Ishimbay Central Regional Hospital Valery Shapochkin, the surgeon Gazinur Kuvandykov no longer works in this hospital.
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