... as if you are being raped with ten sharp iron objects

08.01.2021 Сергей Ворошилов
Anna's birth in 2019 at the maternity hospital at City Clinical Hospital No. 24 in Moscow.
Moscow, 4th Vyatsky per., 39
This maternity hospital is positioned as an adept in the management of soft childbirth, has the international status of a "baby-friendly hospital", introduces early attachment to the breast, partner childbirth, and the absence of unwanted interventions. All this gave me hope and confidence.

The preliminary study tour to the maternity hospital greatly confused me and made, as I now understand, an unreasonably favorable impression.
In childbirth under compulsory medical insurance, all this good attitude of the staff turned into indifference, negligence and rudeness.
We arrived at this maternity hospital at night after the waters had receded. We had with us all the necessary documents that the maternity hospital demanded , including the permission of the head for a partner delivery.
My husband and I were separated in the admission department , and he had to join the birth later, according to the regulations of the maternity hospital, when a woman is transferred to the birth block.

From the moment of admission to the hospital and further, not a single doctor introduced himself and did not say what he intends to carry out manipulations.

For about six hours I was in the prenatal department on the CTG apparatus. For all the time, they never looked at the dilatation of the cervix, I did not know what phase of labor I was in. I felt that the process was going on actively, and according to my feelings, I should already be in the birthing block with my husband.
Very thirsty, but the staff refused to bring water. In general, there was a feeling that no one cares about you.
At some point, I felt that there were attempts, and demanded the midwife to call a doctor. She very rudely and persistently began to offer me anesthesia, to which I said: "Call the doctor, I am already giving birth!" The doctor who came to me answered me rudely: "Yes, we can't wait for everything until you give birth here." But after the examination, she said to urgently transfer me to the rodblock.

In the maternity ward, I demanded (already demanded, since no one responded to requests) to raise my husband. I was rudely replied that they did not know where he was, and in general they “did not do it”.
Then I gained strength to call him and shout “run quickly,” and by some miracle he literally burst through, because he was not allowed below either.

At the moment when the head appeared, the doctor was not in the delivery unit, the midwife held back the head forcibly so that the child would not walk, it was very painful. There were no necessary people in the Rodblock, she called them with a cry for help. As a result, the midwife took delivery.
Everything went very quickly, but the communication process itself was rude: an appeal to you and requests “not to yell”. There was no management of childbirth, let alone a mild one. There was a rough management of the process, in which, nevertheless, I managed to myself, responding to the nature of my body, to give birth to a child as gently as possible.
The last phase was the worst - a postpartum examination without anesthesia. It's like being raped with ten sharp iron objects.
childbirth abuse To my request to do it at least more carefully or more slowly - or to give me some rest - there were answers in the spirit of "I'm a doctor here, I know what I'm doing." The birth process was unnecessarily traumatic. The staff of the maternity hospital can only be grateful for the fact that they almost did not interfere with my giving birth myself.
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