Paramedic Nadezhda Koksharova left a sick resident of Volgograd at night on the streets of Volzhsky

16.09.2020 Сергей Ворошилов
- "We got the task and went. Why Volzhan are hospitalized in Volgograd, and Volgograd residents in Volzhsky - I do not know."

Paramedic Nadezhda Koksharova was forced to leave a sick resident of Volgograd at night on the streets of the city of Volzhsky.

On the night of September 14-15, 2020, Volgograd with a high temperature and suspected coronavirus was taken by ambulance to the infectious diseases hospital in the city of Volzhsky (Volgograd region). However, in the hospital itself, the woman with a referral from the clinic was told: there are no places.
After that, the doctors took the patient with a temperature to one of the areas of the Volzhsky (satellite city) and left there.

Nadezhda Koksharova says - "I work in an ambulance paramedic team at a substation in the city of Volzhsky. On Sunday evening, my colleague and I drove a patient from the Volzhsky infectious diseases hospital to the 5th hospital in Volgograd, redesigned for a coronavirus hospital.
When the patient was delivered, they set the opposite task - to hospitalize back to the Volzhsky hospital.
We got the task and went. Why Volzhans are hospitalized in Volgograd, and Volgograd residents in Volzhsky - I do not know. I don’t make such decisions. They are voiced to us by the dispatcher, the medical teams only carry out the transportation.

Before the woman was hospitalized, I examined her. She only had a fever, no more symptoms, I examined her. Volgogradka said that she was previously prescribed treatment, showed a referral from the clinic for hospitalization.
I carefully looked at all the documents, in the direction I was diagnosed with acute respiratory infections, severe course . But there was no severe course, because the temperature was low, there were no other manifestations of the disease, the oxygen level in the blood was within normal limits.

The woman packed her things and we went to the Volga hospital.
We brought her to the hospital, where the woman was examined and wrote that her condition was not serious and she did not need hospitalization.

They did not apply, they wrote a refusal for hospitalization . The time was already very late. I saw that the woman would not be taken to the hospital.

She asked me to take her back to Volgograd, home. I explained to her that I cannot do this, we do not have such a right and orders.

Nevertheless, I called the dispatcher in Volgograd , since the patient was from the regional center, and told about the situation.

The dispatcher refused to take the woman home and told me to leave her there. I reported this to Volgograd, I was going to leave the hospital. The woman asked to take her to a bus stop where she could take a taxi.

The paramedic went to meet the patient who had stayed at night in a strange city. For this, Nadezhda Koksharova was punished.

“I don’t think I have committed a big crime. I am very worried. Plus I was also financially punished. Due to a violation of the job description, I have to take an exam. In 42 years - the first reprimand in my entire life. My good heart let down that it happened. Yesterday I was very nervous, today it hurts under my shoulder blade.

The situation was taken under personal control by the chairman of the Volgograd Region Health Committee .
A check was organized in relation to the ambulance staff, explanatory notes were taken.

After the incident, the patient took swabs for coronavirus at home and prescribed outpatient treatment, and also apologized for the inconvenience.

There was no room for the woman in the hospital.
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Nadezhda Blonskaya21 сентября 2020, 01:56
Somehow not humanly, but bestial. I will never forget how they brought my grandfather, a bed patient, by ambulance. Me with two spinal hernias and my mother also with a sick spine at the age of 72 were offered to transfer it to X-ray from a gurney. Of course we refused. The staff did it with such fury and hatred with a malevolent laugh that this laugh will always stand in my ears. And a picture when the grandfather hits his head hard. Horror.
Adminuss18 сентября 2020, 19:45
At a briefing of the operational headquarters, the head physician of the Clinical Ambulance Station Oleg Yarygin said - “The feldsher has been disciplined. And the condition of that very patient is currently satisfactory. "
Oleg17 сентября 2020, 11:35
In mid-September, the air temperature at night in Volgograd drops to +12 degrees. What did the doctors expect when leaving the woman at the bus stop at night? In regional cities, buses do not run after 11 o'clock ... A woman with a fever and suspicion of covid ... How do they sleep afterwards ???
Maria16 сентября 2020, 23:14
This is the system. There is nothing to blame the paramedic.