Lawyer Yulia Fedotova says - "In fact, Yekaterina Yamshchikova rotted alive from the inside"

08.09.2020 Сергей Ворошилов
On March 19, 2019, 29-year-old Yekaterina Yamshchikova died in the city hospital of Pervouralsk, Sverdlovsk region.
Ekaterina Yamshchikova Pervouralsk

- "Ekaterina felt unwell on March 12 when she was at home. She had vomiting and severe abdominal pain. They called an ambulance. The paramedic diagnosed appendicitis."
Ekaterina was immediately hospitalized in the city hospital of Pervouralsk. Only the doctor of the surgical department, Tatyana Evgenievna Barviuk, made a diagnostic mistake: the existing acute appendicitis was not diagnosed.
In fact, Catherine rotted alive from the inside.

Doctor Barviuk decided that Ekaterina did not have appendicitis. No analyzes and research. Because if she had, she would have had to cut him, but she didn't want to bother. Ekaterina was transferred to the gynecological department.
Only four days later, on March 16, when examining Ekaterina Yamshchikova, the therapist observed a worsening of her condition and suspected colitis. But the presence of fluid in the abdominal cavity was not given any importance.
The next day there were indications for the necessary diagnostic laparoscopy, but it was performed only two days later. Too late. Along with diffuse fecal peritonitis, there was abdominal sepsis and an infectious-toxic shock, which led to death in the early morning of March 19.

It can be summarized that the doctors in the gynecological department suspected something was wrong when it was already too late. In fact, Catherine rotted alive from the inside.
An autopsy showed the presence of a huge amount of spilled purulent feces in the abdominal cavity.

I believe that it is the doctor Tatiana Barviyuk who is guilty of the deterioration of Catherine's health by sending the patient to the gynecology department.
A simple paramedic of an ambulance immediately noticed appendicitis by symptoms, and a surgeon with many years of experience did not even wait for the test results and conduct the necessary research, but simply sent it without thoroughly to another department.
Earlier, the same surgeon had already figured in the case of the deceased Major Lopatin, who after the operation was treated with hemorrhoids so that he died. I AM
The court recovered more than a million rubles in favor of the widow and sons, establishing the doctor's fault. The criminal case was refused.
Forensic medical examination plays the main role in the investigation of such cases. It is necessary to establish the presence of a direct causal relationship between the actions (inaction) of a particular doctor and the death of the patient.
In our case, the examination clearly and unequivocally speaks of leaving Ekaterina Yamshchikova in danger.
negligence lawyer In this regard, the Investigative Committee for Pervouralsk initiates a criminal case under Part 2 of Art. 109 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Causing death by negligence due to improper performance by a person of his professional duties"). It takes a long time to investigate - interrogations, examinations, examination of documents ...
Then "football" begins, firstly Art. 109 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and Art. 125 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Further it is canceled and initiated by Art. 293 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, then they are canceled, 125 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is again initiated and it is not clear what will happen next.
We are seeking to initiate a criminal case, since the man died in terrible agony, having spent a week in the hospital with the most banal appendicitis, only rotted and spilled.
Today, law enforcement agencies are most likely waiting for the expiration of the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution.
We intend to reach the ECHR on this case. " coachman's husband
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