For the death of a child, parents have sued 2.5 million rubles

26.08.2020 Иван Свешников
In Chita, monetary compensation was paid to parents who lost a child due to an improper delivery.
transbaikal peritoneal In the spring of 2017, Olesya Borodina entered the Trans-Baikal Regional Perinatal Center. The pregnancy went well, but the woman was at high risk due to the effects of a previous birth. And because of this, she was prescribed a planned cesarean section.

But during childbirth, doctors Anastasia Karaseva and Maria Vasilevskaya refused to allow her to carry out this operation. The woman gave birth on her own for almost 10 hours before she had a cesarean section. As a result, the condition of her and the child became critical.
There was a rupture of the uterus and bladder, the child suffered from improper childbirth and died from their consequences a month later.

In 2019, a criminal case was opened over the death of a child and the infliction of grievous harm to the mother's health, and the doctors were proven guilty in court.
As a result, after several court verdicts and appeals, the Central District Court of Chita decided to pay the parents 2.5 million rubles in moral compensation for the death of a child from a medical error.
Based on materials from the international human rights group "Agora"
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