There was no choice. If you want to live, buy the medicine yourself

19.09.2020 Иван Свешников
Yuri, a resident of Svetlograd, says that his wife Natalya, who was diagnosed with cancer, had to pay for the medicine herself. Although, by law, the drug must be given free of charge.
The drug "Zoladex" is vital for his wife. It is an anticancer drug that needs to be pierced every month.
For a year, his wife has been receiving free injections at the only pharmacy in Svetlograd. When she came to the doctor on September 10, she was told that there were no drugs and therefore they could not give her a prescription. Earlier there was a case when I had to go to Stavropol to get Zoladex.drug receipt Yuri called the regional health ministry and explained the situation. But he was told that there was no medicine and he would have to buy it at his own expense. The medicine costs more than 4,000 rubles, and Natalya works in a kindergarten and receives a salary of 15,000 rubles.
Only there was no choice. If you want to live, buy the medicine yourself.
According to the decree of the government of the Krasnodar Territory of December 26, 2018 No. 596-p, patients should receive these drugs free of charge in outpatient treatment.
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