"Are you dying?", "You have to sit at home"

19.09.2020 Иван Свешников
About rudeness and disrespect for people in polyclinic №6 of Stavropol .

Irina says: “My husband needed to remove the stitches after surgery on his leg. The employee of the clinic refused to give the coupon, although we had all the necessary documents in our hands. We were told:“ either get a new policy, or negotiate with a doctor. ” there was a copy of the document and the original was not expired,
The husband broke his leg in 16 places. He could not walk and had to get to the clinic with the help of caring townspeople.
I talked to the surgeon, as my husband might not have reached the clinic the second time. The surgeon said she would accept my husband, as the removal of the stitches was urgent. But you need to take a coupon. I went to the registry again and conveyed the words of the doctor. In response, the receptionist said that I would not receive the coupon.
The receptionist did not give any reason for her refusal.
The woman simply turned away and stopped responding to the presence of the applicant. At the same time, a queue was growing rapidly near the reception. "
Irina also mentioned that three weeks ago she went to the clinic again. She needed a ticket to a gastroenterologist. In response to the request, the woman at the reception began to be rude and communicate with her in a sarcastic tone: "Are you dying?", "You have to stay at home."
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