The doctors killed my child! Or the story of the boy Vanya.

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The doctors killed my child! And having resuscitated after 30 minutes of cardiac arrest, they made him deeply disabled.
The pregnancy was easy, the tests and ultrasound were excellent, as the doctors said - the golden mean. I carried a healthy baby, which developed in the womb remarkably in all respects! Delivery at 40 weeks.
3 days of stimulation, 15 hours of contractions with an opening result of only 2 cm. For all indications, it was necessary to do a cesarean, but for some reason the doctors delayed.
The doctor who was supposed to give birth did not come, and I fell into the hands of the duty team ... The child's heart stops. The doctors ran in panic - the operating room was not ready.
After 30 minutes, they urgently cared for me, taking out a pretty boy (3500g, 51 cm) in front of my eyes and said that the child had died.
The husband, who was waiting in the hallway, was also informed of the child's death. After these words, they knocked me out with anesthesia. When I woke up, I learned that the child had been resuscitated and sent to the Perinatal Center in Balashikha for hypothermia. At that time, I did not know that after 15 minutes of cardiac arrest, the brain dies. Two days later, I ran away from the hospital to intensive care to my son, where he was in critical condition.
I prayed to God that he lived ... Vanechka withstood hypothermia (freezing and thawing for 72 hours). Then we waited for him to come to his senses. The doctors said that he might fall into a coma. But Vanya began to slowly revive. He was all on artificial devices. Only a month later he could breathe himself, and was disconnected from the ventilator. It’s beyond words what my husband and I went through.
Thank God we were allowed to be with him from morning to evening. But this was only the beginning of our tests.
When Vanechka's condition became stable, he had an MRI scan and a verdict: the brain died in parts in all areas, the frontal, temporal, parietal, occipital lobes are at the stage of withering away, and by one year a severe stage of cerebral palsy and deep mental retardation will form.
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