Relatives blame doctors for the death of Anatoly Goreviy, People's Artist of Russia

29.08.2020 Иван Свешников
Died Honored Artist of Russia, employee of the Saratov Regional Operetta Theater Anatoly Gorevoy.

Relatives and his daughter Maria Gorevaya blame doctors for the death of her dad.
According to Maria, dad got sick on 12 August. He called an ambulance three times, but not a single team did a coronavirus test for him.
For the first time, on August 13 , the doctors gave the patient an appointment and left.
On August 15, when the temperature rose to 39 , a local doctor was called to him. He examined Dad, but found nothing alarming.
On August 16, when the temperature had already reached 40 degrees , the doctors took my dad to take a picture in the 2nd city hospital. CT scan showed that the lungs were 75% affected, but for unknown reasons he was allowed to go home. The next day, the ambulance team announced that he needed to be taken to hospital # 2, but there were no places in it.

Masha grief says: “Dad takes three steps and falls down. The ambulance doctor promises to take care of Dad, and in a couple of hours he is taken to the same 2nd city hospital.
But on the first day, none of the doctors comes to him. Dad called us that day and said that he had been waiting for a round all day, but no one came to him like that.
At the same time, no one takes a coronavirus test, and they put it in a common ward, where some guy is already lying. "

Only on the third day, the medical workers took a test for coronavirus infection and received a positive result. On the fourth day, relatives could not get through to Gorevoy and found out in the intensive care unit that he had been transferred to a ventilator. The medical workers refused to provide other information.
the artist died Masha says that they literally fought with the hospital staff for dad.
She says - "The doctor refuses to give his last name and is rude to us. We call the head of the department, but she is also rude and refuses to give information. At the same time, they say that they are telling his wife something. But our dad is divorced and no longer There is a woman with whom he has been together for many years, and dad (in their words) indicated her as a confidant, but we are in touch with her and we know that she did not receive any adequate information about the reasons for the deterioration and his condition either ".

After Maria Gorevaya decided to contact the media, she received a call from the reception of the head physician and offered to meet, promising to provide all the necessary information. Masha entrusted the authority to receive information to her mother. But when she flew from Moscow to Engels and came to the hospital with the artist's daughter, the doctors did not fulfill their promise.

Masha says - "They refuse to provide the history of the disease, they are rude to answer questions too, and they say that we will not get any information.
They invited us themselves, and my mother flew a thousand kilometers to hear this. At the same time, my mother herself called up with colleagues from the covid center in Kommunarka, they willingly advise on treatment and are ready to help.
And they also say that from what was previously known to us from the words of Olesya Viktorovna, dad is being treated incorrectly. For example, we know that today he will have a tracheostomy. But doctors from Kommunarka say that covid has its own specifics, and now it is too early to do this. Moreover, they must obtain the consent of the trustee for this procedure, but they did not even ask for such consent! And there are a lot of such moments! He's just dying and we can't get any information about his treatment! "
No matter how the relatives fought for the people's artist, they could not defeat yet another negligence and callousness of doctors even to the people's artist, whom Vladimir Vladimirovich himself awarded with a government award.

From the editorial board: Actor-vocalist of the Saratov Regional Operetta Theater Anatoly Gorevoy was awarded the Medal of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, 2nd degree, by the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, which he received "for his merits in the development of national culture and art, many years of fruitful activity."
In 1998 he was awarded the title of "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation". Anatoly Gorevoy is rightfully one of the most famous singers of the region.
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Adminuss31 августа 2020, 16:11
According to his daughter Maria Goreva "- We think that they lied to us from the very beginning. Since they installed a tracheostomy without our permission and did not, as agreed, conduct a video conference before this procedure." After the death of the artist, a briefing was held at which it was reported that the situation with the treatment of the honored artist of Russia was personally controlled by the head of the department, Oleg Kostin. The quality of medical care is being checked now. ANOTHER SHAME AND POPHIGISM IN SARATOV !!!