In the city hospital of Novomoskovsk, Tula region, doctors beat the patient to death

06.06.2020 Иван Иванов
At the end of May, a local resident brought her son, 43-year-old veteran of the first Chechen war, Konstantin Krasikov, to the Novomoskovsk city hospital in the Tula region. Recently, a man underwent heart surgery, but after discharge at home he felt worse. He refused an ambulance, fearing to get a coronavirus. In the hospital, however, the examination did not reveal heart problems, the man was sent to intensive care.
A few hours later, doctors contacted Konstantin’s mother and stated that their son was being transferred to a hospital in the city of Tula with suspected coronavirus. The woman who arrived at the hospital saw her son very badly beaten.
She says: - Kostya was sitting in a half-fainted state, beaten up, his whole body was in abrasions and scratches, on the right side of his face was a huge black hematoma, from which the whole eye swam, his head was swollen, and there was a huge hematoma on the shoulder of his right hand.

As the doctors told the veteran’s family, he behaved violently during hospitalization, and therefore these injuries appeared on the body. However, relatives say that this is uncharacteristic for Constantine.

- He was the kindest person. He barely moved when he came to the hospital.
I can assume: he suddenly vomited him or twitched, or pissed himself. There they beat for such a lot. Other patients said this, said relatives of Konstantin.

On the fact of the death of Constantine, the Investigative Committee of the city of Tula opened a criminal case under the article "Intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm, resulting in the death of a person through negligence."
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Tass 25 August25 августа 2020, 23:43
The court found the former nurse of the Novomoskovsk city hospital in the Tula region guilty of causing death by negligence of a veteran of military operations in the North Caucasus, who died on July 1 from injuries received in a medical facility. He was sentenced to 2 years of restraint of freedom, the press service of the regional judicial department reported on Tuesday. “By a court verdict of August 25, IE Kultygin was found guilty of committing a crime under Part 2 of Art. 109 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, he was sentenced to restraint of freedom for a period of 2 years with deprivation of the right to engage in activities related to medical services for the population for a period of 2 years and 10 months.
Natalia Voronina05 августа 2020, 20:00
My sincere condolences!!! These are people in white coats, to whom we trust our lives, the lives of children and grandchildren. They should not only be judged, but tied on the square to a pillar and so that people would throw stones at them. That they would die a painful death. They're like that everywhere, all they need is money. Through the fault of an endocrinologist, the Belevskaya Central District Hospital, I miraculously survived, but became disabled for life. I live like a vegetable. And now my permanent residence is, these are all hospitals in Tula and other regions. And now I'm only 56. And believe me, the person is no longer there, it hurts MOM and his family. you will return and you will not find the truth. God forbid! her strength and health. And these bastards, the Lord will punish anyway
Anastasia Terekhova05 августа 2020, 18:22
Lord, how long will this last ?? How long will we be afraid of going to the hospital? Why are they finishing us there, and not returning to life? Are you doctors or executioners? Why do we need such hospitals? Why do you go to the doctor, this is a responsibility, this is a duty to save human lives, and you are non-humans, you are animals, you are not just heartless, you are killers !!!
Adminuss24 июля 2020, 14:31
43-year-old Konstantin Krasikov, in his youth fought in Chechnya as part of a reconnaissance company under the command of the legendary Alexei Efentiev, major with the call sign "Gyurza".
Semen15 июня 2020, 22:10
The League of Patient Advocates reports “Investigators are engaged in investigating the death of a Chechen war participant” But will they be able to prove something if Roshal himself decides the fate of people and says that doctors should not be touched.