Death for which there will be no punishment for the anesthesiologist. Or another invitation from experts to ....

09.02.2021 Иван Свешников
In December 2015, a 29-year-old girl was hospitalized in one of the Tambov hospitals with a diagnosis of acute appendicitis.
The doctors decided to perform laparoscopy under general anesthesia.
In the operating room, the resuscitator performed anesthesia with the defect, as a result of which the patient developed severe oxygen deprivation.
Further, due to the untimely diagnosis by this doctor of hypoxia, the woman experienced irreversible changes in the brain. Two weeks later, the young woman died without regaining consciousness.
doctors are not afraid to kill
During the investigation, the doctor did not admit his mistake. But repeated medical forensic examination confirmed that the anesthesia was performed with defects - instead of tracheal intubation, esophageal intubation was performed.

A criminal case with an approved charge was sent to the court under Part 2 of Article 109 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The limitation period for this article has expired. Even after the doctor pleads guilty for the death of a person, the doctor will be released in the courtroom.
Medical experts deliberately delay medical examinations to free their colleagues from criminal liability.
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