The child died from the negligence of doctors, but no one was punished for the death of the baby

11.10.2020 Иван Свешников
In Kopeysk, Chelyabinsk region, the court sentenced the head of the department of purulent surgery of the City Clinical Hospital No. 1 of Kopeisk Oleg Klyushin to one year in prison, having found him guilty of causing death by negligence of a month-old baby. But he was released from criminal punishment under an amnesty.

In the children's clinic in the village of Gornyak, Kopeyskiy g. a month-old baby Denis Bukharmetov was given a second routine vaccination against hepatitis.
The next day after the vaccination, a lump appeared, three days later he was put for surgery in the city hospital No. 1 of Kopeysk, they said he needed to be cleaned.
The operation was carried out, taking only a general blood test. There was a very low level of hemoglobin, 78 g / l with a norm of 160 g / l. But the head of the department of purulent surgery, Oleg Klyushin, did not pay attention to this.
After the operation, the boy started bleeding and for more than a day the child was actually bleeding in his mother's arms, and the doctors did not take any action, except for changing the dressings.
After the child's condition worsened, the mother herself took the dying son to an adult intensive care unit, but they could not save him.
The carried out medical examination established a causal relationship between the death of the child and the surgical intervention of doctors carried out in GB No. 1 of Kopeysk.
The child died due to the fact that some doctors incorrectly administered the vaccine, others improperly observed the child in the post-vaccination period, and still others did not correctly provide assistance after the operation.
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