A million for the death of a woman in labor. The verdict is appealed

26.08.2020 Иван Свешников
In the Trans-Baikal Territory, a court ordered the Kyrinsk central district hospital to pay more than 1 million rubles for the death of a woman who died two hours after the birth of her daughter.
The case was handled by lawyer Anastasia Kopteeva, who cooperates with Zona Prava and the international human rights group Agora.
million for death Alena Pushnikova ended up in the Kyrinsk central district hospital during her third pregnancy. Previously, she was diagnosed with two cesarean sections with two scars on the uterus, the location of the placenta on the anterior wall of the uterus, which is a threatening factor for the ingrowth of the placenta into the uterine cavity and profuse bleeding.

Despite this aggravated anamnesis, the hospital doctors belatedly exposed Pushnikova to a high degree of risk and pointed out the need for delivery in a level 3 hospital at the Zabaikalsky Regional Perinatal Center.
As a result of these mistakes, in July 2017, Alena was kept in the district hospital for a long time and was not hospitalized in Chita. The contractions intensified, and the doctors decided to perform a caesarean section under anesthesia.

Alena Pushnikova gave birth to a girl, but the woman's condition deteriorated sharply and she died two hours later.
The experts found that the resuscitator Oleg Nikitin had performed the necessary manipulations with violation and delay.
As a result, gastric contents were thrown into the lungs, which received a severe chemical burn, and a sharp vasospasm, a violation of the pulmonary circulation and an acute cardiac arrest occurred. Three of her minor daughters were left without a mother.

In September 2019, the court sentenced Oleg Nikitin to 2 years of restriction of freedom under Part 2 of Art. 109 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. However, he was released from punishment due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.

Lawyer Anastasia Kopteeva says - "We intend to appeal this decision in the appellate instance, where we will demand full satisfaction of the claims of the relatives of the deceased - 4 million rubles."
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