Doctors of the 5th Oncology Center in Moscow stole drugs, condemning patients to death.

04.10.2020 Иван Свешников
“This is such an immoral story. The vast majority of doctors do not even think about it. This is not just theft, but theft, which is associated with serious harm to health, in fact, with murder, ”says Ilya Fomintsev, executive director of the Cancer Prevention Foundation.

In Moscow, they detained doctors who were caught stealing and selling free drugs for cancer patients.
The Department of Internal Affairs for the North-Eastern Administrative District of the Moscow Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated a criminal case on this fact under part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "fraud on an especially large scale." Under it, criminals face up to 10 years in prison.

During a search of doctors' homes, they found more than 3.5 thousand packages of drugs worth more than 100 million rubles.

From the fifth Moscow oncological dispensary, boxes of vital pills and injections were taken out. Sold to Moscow and regional pharmacies through dummy distributors. This was done by doctors who work with perhaps the most difficult patients every day.

These packs contain the drug with the active ingredient ibrutinib. The medicine is registered in Russia for the treatment of lymphocytic leukemia. Less toxic, more effective than analogues. This drug is supplied to hospitals as essential.
“According to the indications of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, this drug can be obtained by compulsory medical insurance, this drug can be obtained free of charge. For some indication this drug is easier to obtain, for some it is more difficult, ”says oncologist Polina Shilo.
If the diagnosis is such that it is difficult to get this medicine for free, the patient has to go to the pharmacy. The price per package is around 250 thousand rubles. This situation was used by the fraudulent doctors. Forged documents and made millions.

The scheme is very simple:
Doctors prescribe more drugs to the patient than is required. Further, the patient is given a smaller amount, the difference remains with this group of persons.
Similar ones were done by doctors in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. In today's story, one of the detainees is the head of the chemotherapy department of the fifth oncologic dispensary.

“This is such an immoral story. The overwhelming majority of doctors do not even think about it, but the family is not without its black sheep. This is not just theft, but theft, which is associated with serious harm to health, in fact, with murder. "
medicine boxesdrugs in bag The operatives seized more than 3.5 thousand packages of various drugs from the fraudsters, and many of them had to be stored strictly in the refrigerator.
The operational footage shows that no one really cared about this. So, it is possible that the drugs got to the pharmacies already ineffective or even life-threatening.
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Medic05 октября 2020, 00:43
Look at the article by Margarita Mishchenko, who says that, according to her feelings, patients DO NOT PURCHASE MEDICINE AT ALL. That is, she, as a cancer patient, did not feel the indicated side effects. And when she began to demand that the ampoules be opened right in front of her, then the effect appeared. This is how you have to become stale in your soul, so that knowing about a fatal disease - just kill a person, stealing his medicine and profit from it !!!