Kirill Maksimenko was not given medicines for oncology for a year

02.02.2021 Иван Свешников
In the small town of Chudovo, Novgorod region, 23-year-old Kirill Maksimenko died. The young man suffered from an oncological disease and throughout 2020 did not receive the medicines he was entitled to from the regional Ministry of Health.
On January 5, 2021, Kirill passed away.
The father of the deceased young man Sergei Maksimenko said that his son suffered from blood leukemia. This is not Kirill's first diagnosis - in 2013 he was diagnosed with bone sarcoma, because of this he had to amputate his arm from the shoulder. Even before the second diagnosis was made, the guy underwent two bone marrow transplants - from his older brother and mother. After the operations, Kirill's condition stabilized, and the family hoped that the disease would recede.

Kirill's father Sergei says that after bone marrow transplantation, his son is in remission. At the National Medical Research Center. V. A. Almazov of the Ministry of Health of Russia in St. Petersburg, where his son was undergoing treatment, the doctors prescribed him the drug "Voriconazole", which must be taken on an ongoing basis. It is an antifungal agent that is prescribed to patients with cancer, since they have a reduced immune defense.
pills through the court Kirill received a prescription for the drug at a local clinic in January 2020, but the matter did not progress further. At the Novgorod pharmacy “Novgorodfarmatsiya”, which dispenses preferential drugs, Sergei was told: “You don’t have such a thing, contact the administration to buy it”. According to him, the Novgorod Ministry of Health could not but know that Kirill needs the drug: the Almazov center automatically sends a recommendation to the department.

The price of one pack of the drug is 20 thousand rubles. My son needed four packs a month. He was given a prescription in January 2020. Without this drug, he experienced an exacerbation of the disease, a rash appeared, he could choke. In general, we spent about 300 thousand on medicines. When he took the drug, there was no deterioration. When we did not have time to find him, there was a deterioration in health.

The Department of Drug Provision of the Ministry of Health responded to Sergei Maksimenko: - "Voriconazole" is one of the drugs that are purchased at the expense of the federal budget, money for the purchase of drugs has been allocated to the regions. " But there was no drug.

On the advice of his father, the young man turned to the prosecutor's office in May 2020, which in turn filed a lawsuit against the local Ministry of Health. According to Maksimenko, the Novgorod department completely ignored the trial: none of the representatives of the local Ministry of Health ever came to a single meeting. On August 17, the lawsuit was won, and the court ruled to issue Vorikonazole to Maksimenko immediately.

However, even the lawsuit won in court could not give speed to the process. As stated by the Novgorod prosecutor's office, part of the responsibility for this lies with the bailiffs, who did not take "a full range of measures to enforce the requirements of the executive document." Sergei Maksimenko says that the bailiffs did practically nothing to force the regional Ministry of Health to comply with the court's decision.

As a result of numerous appeals from Kirill's family to various authorities, in December the young man was finally given the prescribed medicine.

On New Year's Eve, December 30, 2021, a young man received a blood transfusion. And the very next day his temperature rose to 40 degrees. Cyril's relatives suggested that it was COVID-19, and he was tested for the virus. On January 4, his condition became critical: the pupils did not react to light, seizures began, the guy fell into a coma. The relatives began to call an ambulance at four o'clock in the afternoon, but no one came to them promptly.

The exact cause of death of the young man is not yet clear, an autopsy is scheduled for February 8. Kirill's father Sergei Maksimenko wrote a statement to the Investigative Committee. In his statement, he asked the investigators to conduct an investigation and initiate a case under the following articles:
"Causing death by negligence" (Article 109 of the Criminal Code),
"Failure to provide assistance to a patient" (Article 124 of the Criminal Code),
"Provision of services that do not meet safety requirements" (Article 238 of the Criminal Code),
"Negligence" (Article 293 of the Criminal Code).

Simultaneously with Maksimenko, the Novgorod prosecutor's office also appealed to the Investigative Committee to initiate a criminal case under the article on negligence.
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