Negligence or outright disregard for a person's life?

15.08.2020 Иван Иванов
I am publishing a post by Roman Alekhine about a strange case of indifference and deadly indifference to human life.

"On August 3, a 33-year-old boy Sergei was admitted to the Sudzhanskaya Central Regional Hospital with burns of 70% of his body . He was doing repairs to the basement at home and the burner exploded.
He spent the whole day in the hospital and received cold water pouring on his body from his relatives. This is the treatment prescribed by the doctor.
Relatives chilled the water in the refrigerator all night and poured water on the guy while he lay on the diaper.
After a day, apparently, when the doctors realized that this medicine would not save the patient, and the relatives that the doctors in Sudzha were far from medicine, they turned to the OKB and a helicopter flew out for the patient.

Patients who were in the hospital say that when the doctor from the OKB arrived, she was not shy in expressions and screamed so that she could be heard outside the department. The main thing that she demanded was to show her the doctor who prescribed such treatment so that she could spit in his face.
But the doctor Vrublevsky fled, saying that he was sick. As a result, the doctor took both Sergei and the second patient, who worked with him and got burned legs, saying that he should not be left, as he would be ruined as well.

As expected, Sergei died. He died on August 13. Sergei's relatives say he was diagnosed with covid infection, although none of the tests were positive.
I think that the doctors made the diagnosis on the basis of pneumonia, which it was impossible not to get lying on an oilcloth for a day, when you are poured with ice water. In general, this is some kind of torture room, not a CRH.

I ask the Investigative Committee, FOMS, ROSZDRAVNADZOR and the Kursk Region Health Committee to thoroughly understand what happened and bring the perpetrators to justice.
I can only express my condolences to Sergey's relatives, friends and grief-stricken mother. Sergei has three children left ... Heavenly Kingdom to him. "

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Adminuss27 августа 2020, 10:51
From Roman Alekhine addition. The doctor who received Sergei and prescribed watering is ill with covid. After he examined the patient and prescribed treatment, he went home and never returned to work. A question to the doctor's interest in curing the patient. Of course, it is wrong to demand from a sick doctor to come to the hospital, but he could show interest and call. A very strange decision to leave the patient in Sudzhanskaya. The OKB has a burn center, and the CRH hardly even has medicines to save and treat such patients. In addition, it was very foolish to leave such a difficult patient, knowing that the Sudzhanskaya CRH is simply "the epicenter of covid infection." Based on the information received, I can 100% say that the medical workers did not do everything possible to save Sergei. As a result, this is another death that occurred due to slovenliness, as well as a mess in the health care system in general and the Sudzhan Central District Hospital in particular.
Olga Bulankina19 августа 2020, 00:33
And Che relatives were not alarmed by this method of treatment pouring cold water for 24 hours?