900 thousand compensation for the death of a child

11.10.2020 Иван Свешников
A resident of Omsk has achieved compensation in the amount of 900 thousand rubles from hospitals. The woman on the operating table lost her baby and nearly died herself.

Valeria I. ended up in the maternity hospital for a planned birth, and since the fetus was large, she had to undergo a cesarean section. The operation was scheduled for December 6, but the night before, Valeria's stomach began to hurt. Nobody began to operate on the woman at night.

Valeria says - “I was examined by the head of the department Anna Yulina. And she scolded me: - "Others give birth at all, but you cannot bear the pain at all. Shame on you! The operation was scheduled for 7 am. Now all the beds in the intensive care unit are occupied. Where will I put you?"
- "Somehow, curled up, I crawled to the ward. I was tormented until 4.30. Then the pains began such that I could even climb the wall. But I was even more frightened that my stomach became very hard, and I almost stopped feeling the child, he Then she just got up and said: “I'm not going anywhere from here - save my child!” The anesthesiologist came, touched his stomach and said: “Why did you manage to reach this state? Why didn't they say before. "Then everyone ran into the operating room. And the surgeon shouted," urgently call the ambulance. "

When Valeria came to her senses, she learned that the child could not be saved, and now she will never be able to have children.
The woman is sure that the doctor Anna Yulina is to blame for the death of the baby and her diagnosis, who did not perform the operation at night.
The doctor denies his guilt. The gynecologist and polyclinics sent Valery to give birth a week before the tragedy, but the woman said that she felt good and she had no one to leave her older child with, so she went to the hospital later.
Omsk A criminal case was initiated against the doctor under the article "Provision of services that do not meet the requirements of the safety of life and health of consumers."

- "It's not my fault. Everything happened unexpectedly, no one was ready for this. In Europe, in cases like your operation, only a vascular surgeon could do, and I saved you," the doctor said at the trial.

The injured woman decided to punish not only the doctor, but also two hospitals at once. In maternity hospital No. 2, her pregnancy was mismanaged. And in maternity hospital number 5 all this happened. The woman demanded to pay her 1.5 million rubles and to punish the doctor. As a result, the court ruled to collect 900 thousand rubles from the hospital in her favor.
Valeria is going to appeal against the court decision and bring the doctor to criminal responsibility.
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