For killing a woman, virtually no punishment

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According to the press.
The history of the Fomins received a wide public outcry and did not leave anyone indifferent. ...... Irina's pregnancy proceeded normally. The Dzerzhinsky perinatal center in which she gave birth meets all modern standards.

However, the morning after the birth, when Denis called the doctors, he was informed that his wife had a cesarean section at night on June 30, 2014. They did not tell him that after this complications started. Moreover: at noon on the same day when Denis called the maternity hospital again, they answered: everything is fine with the child and mother, they are resting.

Irina’s mother went to the maternity hospital and saw how the daughter, who was unconscious, was taken to the Emergency Hospital. Two days later, Irina was transferred to the Nizhny Novgorod regional hospital named after Semashko. Here, doctors fought for her life for almost two weeks, but she died on July 16, 2014.

Four forensic examinations were conducted in the case. The decisive found: Irina died from acute blood loss during a caesarean section. Experts considered that medical assistance by the doctors of the Dzerzhinsky perinatal center Irina Fomina was provided inappropriately.
They incorrectly entered her obstetric aid, and Fomina’s testimony for Caesarean section was completely absent - she could give birth herself.
In addition, doctors did not make up for blood loss either during the operation or in the postoperative period. And they transferred the plasma to Irina, which was contraindicated to her. Together, these factors led to the death of the patient.

As a result, two doctors of the Dzerzhinsky perinatal center - obstetrician-gynecologist Yevgeny Balandina and anesthetist Ilya Trofimov - were charged with a crime under Article 109, paragraph 2 (“Causing death by negligence as a result of a person’s improper performance of his professional duties”).

The Dzerzhinsky city court sentenced obstetrician-gynecologist Yevgeny Balandin to one and a half years of restraint of liberty, however, the convict was released from punishment due to the expiration of the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution. For the same reason, the second defendant - anesthetist Ilya Trofimov - asked the court to terminate the criminal case. Federal Judge Dmitry Kashchuk granted this motion.

The plaintiff, meanwhile, is outraged by the departure of the doctors from full responsibility and the fact that they will continue their career.

“Until now, it remains unclear who signed the consent for my wife’s operation,” says Denis Fomin. - The examination, which is available in the case, established that the signature under the consent is not hers. It turns out that the doctors falsified the signature, allowed the death of my wife, and now no one will answer for this .....
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